Bicycle! Bicycle!


Freddie Mercury had it spot on with that song 🙂

But first things first…

I went out for a lovely meal at Elvey Farm, a converted farmhouse in the middle of beautiful countryside, last night. It’s a stunning old house, complete with low beams and small rooms, and the atmosphere, the music, the lovely staff were all perfect.

The food was to-die-for too. I’d spoken to the owner on the phone and he said anything could be made gluten-free for me but as soon as he told me the fish of the day was sea bass with tarragon sauce and asparagus, I was sold. It came with baby potatoes, pureed Jerusalem artichoke, broccoli and carrots and was out of this world, as was the locally-made ice cream that came after. Happy days.

A couple of the people that came hadn’t come on Monday. I love celebrating a birthday on the day and at the weekend because you get a double one 🙂

One of my friends bought me these:

I’m really starting to worry about this addiction now – EVERYONE I know seems to know about it. Oops 🙂

The raisins also came with this genius mini door-hanger:

On the other side, it says: “Please wake me up! Chocolate needed – send supplies!”

It was a great night – and not a bad day either: meet my new friend:

I chose it yesterday but couldn’t bring it back because a) it wasn’t ready and b) I cycled to the shop. I may do a lot of cycling but I’m not quite up to the two-bikes-at-once thing. Yet.

The bloke in the shop recommended I get a man’s bike because they’re bigger and I’m tallish with long legs. I also went for a “hybrid” one, ie not quite a road bike but much less like a mountain bike than the one I had been riding. The man told me exactly what made it different; something about wheel size, gear cogs, tyres etc… but I can’t really remember the details 🙂

I can remember one of the pearls of wisdom he let slip – that men and women have different bike sadlles because “we’re different down there”. Really? Who knew?!

But I got it at a bargain price and today, having cycled my mum’s bike to hers, my dad gave me a lift and I cycled it home, the long way. Then to the farm shop. Then up the yard 🙂 I love it!

It makes you sit a lot more upright than you do on a mountain bike, which I like because I get backache otherwise. It’s also really smooth and, like the bloke said although I can’t remember why, the gears are more suited to roads, so I don’t run out of them when I’m going downhill. Lots of happy cycling to come on this baby…

Sad to admit but I also like the fact it’s got room to attach a carrier thing on the back. I’m such an old woman.

The rest of the day included a great ride on Dave and speaking to my brother. He’d been trying to ring to wish me happy birthday but because he’s still working in South Korea, it’s been difficult. I hadn’t spoken to him for ages so it was great to hear his voice 🙂

Off to get myself organised for a mad busy week (again)! But, before I do, UK readers who haven’t seen Laura’s great blog lately should get over there double quick because she’s having an amazing Nakd, Vivapure and The Raw Chocolate Company giveaway!

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16 Responses to Bicycle! Bicycle!

  1. I LOVE your bike! I have a hybrid- not really sure what that means but I can sit nice and upright, because you’re right… my back aches otherwise! I tried riding my dad’s road bike and I couldn’t balance. I fell off twice!

  2. Maria says:

    Yay for the new bike!
    And I love that door hanger 🙂

  3. Thanks for the giveaway shout out! That bike looks wonderful, I would love to have a bike one day. Don’t get me started on hotel chocolat, its amazing in there – they had some wonderful dark chocolate covered ginger – I had to show major restraint! Hope you enjoy those raisins!

  4. Great looking bike 🙂 It’s so exciting – just like being a kid again!

    I have a massive Hotel Chocolat problem, I just can’t walk past without going in and buying something. I love the free samples, I get very upset if they don’t have any!

    • That’s exactly what it was like! I remember getting a bike one Christmas and finding it on the landing on Christmas day – but I think I’m more excited now 🙂
      And free Hotel Chocolat samples?? Sounds like something I might be interested in… 🙂

  5. She’s bringing sexy bike!

    Oh yes, I went there.

  6. Those raisons souns dive. I got some Hotel Chocolat dark chocolate pink champagne truffles for my birthday that still haven’t started. They look so tempting!

  7. YAY for the new bike!! That’s so exciting, girl! I love that the bike guy explained why boys/girls bikes are different, hehe! Good he could enlighten you there. 😉 Also, I love the chocolate door hanger!

  8. Awesome! I just recently got a bike too! I love them 😉 So great for random exercise even when you’re just making a trip to the library or grocery store, hehe.

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