24 carrot flapjacks

I wanted to do some baking today and I thought it would probably be one of the great-looking recipes from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar – but it wasn’t.

I blame this woman 🙂

Liz Allan’s stall, from her company The Cake Crusader, was one of the first I saw at the allergy and gluten free show on Sunday. She makes gluten-free and delicious cakes, but also makes dairy-, egg- and sugar-free ones – and if they’re as good as the one I tried, she’s definitely on to a winner. I love the fact she started baking when she herself was diagnosed gluten intolerant and she’s come to this stage – brilliant.

There wasn’t much of her carrot cake left by the time I got there but if there had been, there wouldn’t have been by the time I left. It was everything the best carrot cakes should be; moist (sorry), spicy, carroty and with a to-die-for tangy cream cheese icing. I’ve needed more carrot cake ever since.

But something else I tried on Sunday was some mouthwateringly delicious but wallet-achingly expensive flapjacks. Their memory must have stuck around too because as soon as I opened my jumbo oats this morning, the smell was just screaming at me :”make flapjacks! Make flapjacks!”

I’ve read a few blog posts about intuitive eating and the principle seems to be you listen to what your body’s telling you in terms of eating. Well mine was telling me it wanted carrot cake and flapjacks.

So I made both:

Preheat oven to 150C and take:

175g porridge oats (I used jumbo)

100g coconut cream

150g carrot, grated

100g brown sugar

1/2 tsp ground mixed spice

Mix the sugar and coconut cream together really well. I used a hand mixer to make sure all the lumps were gone. Fold in oats and mixed spice, and then carrot. I don’t like nuts or raisins in carrot cake but I’m aware some people might see that as sacrilege… if so, fold ’em in now.

Press mixture into a greased baking tin. (I’ve lost my tape measure but I think mine’s a standard 8×8 size) and bake for 40 minutes until golden and crispy round the edges.

Leave to cool in the tin.

I wanted cream cheese icing but as I didn’t have any cream cheese, that was a slight obstacle. In the end, I just mixed icing sugar with lemon juice and Kara coconut milk and drizzled it over the top. Because my icing sugar’s gold-ish rather than white and because this made a runny icing… you can’t see it. But it’s there. And it tasted gooooood 🙂

I love the way the coconut cream gave these a subtle coconut flavour, although next time I’d use cinnamon too. I’d also make the icing much thicker but still; they hit the spot on the carrot cake and flapjack fronts!

This is a quick post because I’m going out for dinner in a bit but the most exciting news is… I’ve got my new bike! Picking it up tomorrow and can’t wait – update then!

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13 Responses to 24 carrot flapjacks

  1. I’ve been craving carrot cake lately! This looks amazing 🙂

  2. Maria says:

    Oh I wish you had made this last week when I had a ton of carrots to use up! They are all gone now and this looks amazing! Remind me next time I have a massive bag full- I love carrots and I love flapjack. Yummy 🙂

  3. They look delicious – my hubby would love these too as he loves carrot cake but doesn’t like raisins in them!

  4. Yum!! That looks incredible. I love anything carrot cake, especially if it’s healthier than the actual cake. What exactly is coconut cream? Is it like coconut butter?

    • I was in heaven 🙂
      Coconut cream’s to coconut milk what dairy cream is to dairy milk; you can buy it separately here but if you can’t, you can just buy full-fat coconut milk and use the solidified stuff from the top of the can; that’s what it is only they package it separately… The texture’s amazing; whenever I open some, I put it on (nearly) everything!

    • Hi Mary, I replied to this on the post then thought you might not see it! So I’ve copied what I put below… even if you can’t find it sold separately, it’s easy to get because you just scoop it off the milk but be warned, if you like coconut, you’ll love this! Thanks for the comment, Eleanor 🙂

      Coconut cream’s to coconut milk what dairy cream is to dairy milk; you can buy it separately here but if you can’t, you can just buy full-fat coconut milk and use the solidified stuff from the top of the can; that’s what it is only they package it separately…

  5. They look lush!

    Always listen to the body I say. I’m craving coconut at the min so may have to go demolish 😉

    • They were amazing; can’t believe I’d gone so long without carrot cake or flapjacks – not good!
      Ha ha, definitely listen to a coconut craving, although I seem to get them every day 🙂

  6. Amy says:

    These sound brilliant! I was pondering the other day whether i could combine carrot cake and flapjack, so glad someone else has had the same thought! It’s happening xx


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