Sod’s Law

It must be down to Sod’s Law that I overslept this morning.

I always set my phone and another alarm clock and leave both on the other side of the room. My bedroom’s not massive but just the act of having to half-get out of bed usually means I’m half-awake enough. I do it because I used to oversleep all the time, although lately I’m much better.

So much better that as I went to bed last night, I thought “I don’t really need to leave those over there any more”. I did anyway – but I woke up at 8am instead of 6am, having somehow managed to turn both alarms off. Typical 🙂

I partly blamed the fact I’ve felt rubbish most of the week with a cold/cough/general meh-ness (that’s the official medical term) and even though I had yesterday off, I didn’t spend it doing nothing.

I was babysitting my goddaughter because her mum, my best friend, was in London doing an intense training course and her husband was away. So after I’d been to the yard, I went round to take charge.

It was lucky I’d had a really filling breakfast, of chia porridge:

And a caramel rice cake with pb and jam…

My friend’s lost lots of weight recently and always says it’s because she never gets time to eat because of the baby. I never disbelieved her but wondered how it was possible not to have time to grab something on the go. But now I know.

Jessica was really well-behaved, bless her, but she’s teething and a bit out-of-sorts because of that and she started crying whenever I left the room, to the point where I was making my friend’s dinner one-handed, with her on my hip. All I had to eat was a yoghurt and a couple more rice cakes which isn’t a lot from 11am to when I got home about 9.30pm but there literally wasn’t a minute!

Luckily, I had a Mama Pea aubergine burger in the freezer – it was just as good as I remembered and none the worse at all for having been frozen, result 🙂

I was quite proud of myself though, for managing to make Jessica her dinner (salmon, mashed butternut and a bit of cauliflower) take her out in the car to see the horses and giver her her bath… it’s nothing compared to what every mum has to do every day but I was a bit nervous, having never done it before!

And it is knackering, because it’s all the time – you struggle even to get time to go to the toilet…

So it was because of all of that, nothing to do with my own general tendency to oversleep, that I ended up getting to work at 9.35am this morning…

And, of course, it was because of Sod’s Law, which also reared its head later in the day. I’d meant to stay a bit later, but when you speak to someone who’s made a model of his whole street out of matchsticks and he says it’s convenient to see him, and it, at 3.30pm and you end up getting home half an hour early, what’s a girl to do?!

Have a great weekend 🙂

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6 Responses to Sod’s Law

  1. lindsay says:

    haha, yes I’ve done that! And its funny, mom’s are SUPER busy. I really don’t know how they eat a complete meal in peace.
    Happy Weekend!

  2. I get so scared baby sitting – sounds like you did very well!

  3. I hate it when I manage to turn off my alarm – it’s usually when I have to get up super early for something like catching a plane!

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