In recovery

I’d quite like you to imagine some violins playing in the background… because I’m looking for sympathy here.

Of course, feel free to tell me to man up and get over it instead – I’m open-minded 🙂

I knew Thursday would be a mission in advance. I didn’t know just how much of one.

I did a day at work as normal. The plan was then to sort Dave out, go home and get a few hours’ sleep, then head back towards work, getting to the count at 12-1am. It was supposed to be all done by 4am-ish, so I’d arranged to stay at a colleague’s house, then go to work as normal on Friday and leave early. 

But the sleeping didn’t happen, probably because I was lying there thinking “I need to sleep otherwise I’ll be knackered tomorrow”, so I gave up, had dinner and drove back anyway, getting there at about 11.40pm.

I don’t know if it was because they had to verify the AV referendum votes (which they didn’t actually count till yesterday) as well as the local council ones, but the first result wasn’t announced till about 1.30am. The last one, howevere, wasn’t announced till, wait for it, 7.55am 😦

I’d got a second wind about 4am but it was still very strange to look out of something I hadn’t realised was a window to see the sun coming up over the sea! It was even weirder to leave in broad daylight, to see everyone going about as normal.

So the editor (who’d been there as well) and I went straight to the office, wrote it all up, then left about 11am. I drove straight home (with all the windows open), dumped my stuff by the front door and staggered straight to bed. There wasn’t any of that “I can’t sleep” malarkey then, I can tell ya 🙂

But it was interesting to be there – vote counts always are – and the lovely press officer from the council not only brought huge amounts of fruit, she insisted I take some away with me…

Sadly, I don’t get paid any overtime, but we do get time off in lieu and I’m taking a day next Thursday. And a haul like that is almost worth it 🙂 I’m not sure what type those apples are but they’re delicious; I ate three of them, and a banana, while I was there…

I got 12 hours’ sleep last night but I still feel knackered – can’t pull all-nighters like I could when I was 16…!

I’d planned to go to the Allergy and Gluten Free Show in London today but took the executive decision not to get up early to get the train. I had a relaxed day instead, which included making these:

Katie’s chocolate-chip cookies, which I’d had my beady eye on for ages. I used 20g peanut and 50g GF brown bread flour and they came out more cake-y than cookies but they’re brilliant 🙂

I had a blonde moment when I last mentioned the great-looking Allergy and Gluten Free Show, details at the bottom of this post, and managed to close comments on it for ages! But I’m going tomorrow instead and if anyone else is going too, (click the link above to get free tickets) and would like to have a mini bloggers’ meet-up, let me know!

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13 Responses to In recovery

  1. Aww you’re so sweet! I’ve never used peanut flour… it sounds insanely fun!

  2. Maria says:

    You poor thing- staying up all night is hard work.
    Andy did the general election last year, and he was exhausted the next day (and he was home earlier than 7am!).
    Good idea with taking it easy.

  3. You do get my sympathy! In my old job in retail I had to pull all-nighters fairly often, especially around Christmas. Get plenty of rest and fresh air to aid your recovery.

  4. ~Jessica~ says:

    Wow. That’s an intense night/morning/err…day. No wonder you were exhausted!

    Those cookies look like the perfect recovery food though: food is medicine, yes 😉


  5. I like the way you think in terms of cookies… those sound delightful!!! 😀

  6. Little Bookworm says:

    Sounds like a hectic day! Love the sound of those cookies though!

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