I’m so excited…

… and I just can’t hide it!

There I was before today, wondering whether to find a street party on Friday for the royal wedding or what else to do. I wasn’t in the best mood ever, owing to a combination of car joy (two new tyres needed, plus shelling out £50 for some part whose name I still can’t remember), work joy (another council meeting after work tomorrow) and general lateness (standard).

I wasn’t in a bad mood – don’t think I could be, with another four-day weekend rapidly approaching – but I wasn’t exactly doing the conga while wearing a silly hat and blowing a party popper, put it that way. then I got a text…

But I’m going to be irritating and write about that in a minute. Otherwise, you see, no one would possibly even look at another breakfast picture 🙂

And it was gooooood

Betcha can’t guess what those little black things are… 🙂

This breakfast might look identical to every other one I’ve had in this addiction phase – but it was actually jaw-droppingly, heart-stoppingly, totally different.

I used oat bran instead of oats 🙂

I’d never had the bran on its own before but cooked it just like I did the last bowl of chia porridge. It tasted great and although I definitely prefer the chew of the jumbo oats, a greedy mare like me can’t fail to be pleased with a bowl of breakfast the size of my head 🙂

But where was I?

One of my closest friends is away all Sunday, which is her birthday. She’s also on a long course on my birthday (THE MONDAY AFTER THAT, THE 9TH – JUST SAYIN’).

So another friend of ours suggested a day out on Friday as a double pre-birthday celebration. I was thinking alnog modest lines of a picnic or something but she texted this morning suggesting a spa or France for the day. I spoke to her briefly and we agreed to investigate tonight but then, on my way home in a meh mood, I got a text saying:

“All booked. We’re getting the Eurotunnel to Bruges, lunch on the way, spending the afternoon there and then having dinner in Le Touquet”.


It ain’t often you get a text like that – I’m so looking forward to it! I’ve been to Belgium once, years ago, but that was to try horses (Dave’s a Belgian warmblood and his passport name’s Pico Bello vom Pferdheim – one of the reasons he’s called Dave!) and I’ve always fancied a trip to Bruges, which is supposed to be stunning.

AND, I only found out when I looked it up tonight, it’s known as the “chocolate capital of Europe” – can’t wait 🙂

Talking of chocolate, another nice thing today was that I saw my mum briefly. The only problem was, she made me take the last two Easter chocolates:

I can’t believe she’d do something as nasty as to make her own daughter eat MORE delectable, hand-made fudgy truffly heaven – but I suppose I’ll force them down somehow *sigh*

It must be true what they say about mothers having a sixth sense when it comes to their kids. Somehow, and I can’t juuustt put my finger on how, she worked out that I wasn’t averse to those chocolates on Sunday. Weird…

So much so, in fact, that when she went shopping yesterday, and they were apparently selling the same (or almost the same) things for next to nothing, she bought me some more:

Look at those ladybirds! And this caterpillar/worm/thing:

They look too beautiful to eat. Trust me on this one, they’re not 🙂

And one last exciting thing to share, which I’ve been meaning to do for ages, I got an email from Goodness Direct about the Allergy and Gluten Free Show at Olympia on May 6-8 (THAT’S THE WEEKEND BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY BUT I DON’T LIKE TO MENTION IT, OK?)

You can sign up at the above link for free tickets! And although you might think it’s only gluten-free, they’ve got cooking workshops and demonstrations and the list of exhibitors includes brands like Rude HealthAmisa, Kara, Nakd, Tiana, Bob’s Red Mill… should be great!

I’m definitely going, although I’m not sure whether it’ll be on Saturday or Sunday, so if anyone else plans to, let me know – it’d be great to have a mini bloggers’ meet-up, if you’re up for it?

Hope everyone who’s enjoying another bumper weekend has a brilliant one!

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2 Responses to I’m so excited…

  1. Little Bookworm says:

    Love Dave’s show name! 🙂 Those chocolates look pretty as well. Have fun in Belgium!

  2. Bless him, that’s why I thought Dave was better for every day 🙂

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