By (St) George, they’re not cross buns!

Happy St George’s Day!

It’s weird that, if you asked most people in this country (I’m including myself), they’d know straight away when St Patrick’s Day is – but have to think about St George’s! But as it is today, and he is the patron saint of England, I thought I should post this picture again:

I could have rigged Dave up in this lot today just to mark the occasion.

But as he was sweating almost before I put his saddle on this morning, and was dripping with sweat after a gentle half-hour ride round the roads, I don’t think he’d have been too impressed at wearing armour and going jousting and/or dragon-slaying 🙂

But the thought was there…

It was another baking hot mainly-chilled day today. I rode early, then spent much of the day in another friend’s garden, with another nice cold glass – happy days 🙂

When I got back, I went with my friend Laura, who lives just up the road, for a walk in the park with her sister’s dog  (who she’s looking after) and her baby daughter. All very lovely, except that the dog rolled in a MASSIVE pile of fox crap. Nice.

We had to go on a bit of a dog-washing detour before we went up to the yard, where we each rode one of her horses out, in the lovely warm evening. Loving this Easter weekend!

But speaking of Easter, and the post title, I thought I’d have a go at making hot cross buns yesterday.

But as the only way mine fit the name is that I got hot and cross making them, I think Not Cross Buns would be a better title…

I was going to use a Delia Smith recipe and just de-glutenise it but then I found a recipe on a GF manufacturer’s website. I won’t name it because the recipe was rubbish! And if I’d read the reviews, I’d have been warned of that in advance.

Although that’s no excuse for forgetting to put the crosses on hot cross buns 🙂

And although these look nothing like what they’re supposed to… they did actually taste good!

I’d offer one to St George himself, if he were still around 🙂

Did you know it was St George’s Day? Do you ever mark it in any way?

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12 Responses to By (St) George, they’re not cross buns!

  1. I’ve never made hot cross buns but have have wanted to. Too bad they didn’t come out exactly like they were supposed to, but they sure do still look delicious!

  2. emma says:

    my “buns” always seem to go wrong….bread buns, hot cross buns, rock buns….i need practice!

  3. I’ve never even heard of St. George’s Day 🙂 I still think your buns look good… haha!

  4. I did know it was St Georges day, I think its such a shame that we don’t celebrate it more, but I’ve always thought that us English have an almost inbuilt avoidance of wanting to celebrate our national culture (and fear of automatically being branded racist, don’t even get me started about how our national flag has been used by right wing groups! I hate that!) I saw a vegan recipe for hot cross buns and I was so tempted to give them a try but I thought they might be pushing my baking skills too far!

    • That’s exactly it – people are so frightened of being labelled “racist”, we lose the patriotism and I think a lot of it is down to the flag’s other uses… but woop for England!
      And I reckon give it a go; they’re only yeast bread rolls with currants, candied peel – and crosses!

  5. Maria says:

    I dont do anything for ST Georges day, but I do normally know when it is on (because of the kids in scouts doing the parade etc)- plus it is on my calendar!
    You are right though not much is ever made of it.
    Shame about your not cross buns! Love the name!

  6. ~Jessica~ says:

    I had no idea it was St George’s day…does that mean I’ll be deported or hung for treason 😉 We were taught the legend of St George and the Dragon at school but I think the English are wary of anything Nationalistic because, as Laura says, the flag’s been hijacked by skinheads, neo-fascist Nazi-types and the BNP, so unfortunately it’s picked up a lot of negative connotations. Where as jolly old St Patrick tends to be primarily associated with Guiness and a good old knees-up.

    Hot cross buns are tricky to make, even in a ‘standardised’ version. I don’t think yours look disastrous at all: they seem almost like rock buns?

    Hope you’re having a great Easter.


    • Hee hee; I didn’t know either! And you and Laura are definitely right; shame a few idiots have given it that reputation…
      They were kind of rock buns; not what they were supposed to be but not bad!

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