Moandy Thursday

I haven’t really got anything to moan about; it’s Thursday – but it’s the weekend!

But I can never resist a good bad pun 🙂

But then again… never, ever have I been as glad as I am to get to the start of four days off (can I hear ya SCREAM?!)

If Tuesday was a mission, Wednesday was more so and today – don’t ask. 🙂

But we got there. Me and two others have written, edited and sent all the main paper except the front three pages and the fronts of the other two in two days. And I am Cream. Crackered.

So I’m going to sleeeeeep for England tonight and then do not a lot all weekend. Although it may include some (more) of this:

There’s something about hot sun (23C+ on the coast today!) that makes me want Pimm’s.

I don’t drink that much and hardly ever at home but I got a bottle of this nectar for Christmas and today I thought I deserved one. Or two. I didn’t have the strawberries or anything to put in it but, ya know, I forced it down anyway 🙂

It’s more than likely the weekend will also feature some more chia-related goodness, as I still haven’t stopped.

First up this week was blending the pudding (chia seeds, Kara coconut milk and peanut flour left overnight) with cooked oats and a banana in the morning:

Look at that thick, gloopy, aMAZing texture!

Blending the cooked porridge in with it is goooooood.

Also good was the mango/chia/Kara smoothie:

Topped with more granola. But this granola was the daddy; I used mango puree instead of the apple and coconut instead of almond butter and the flavour?! 🙂

I managed to have something other than a chia pudding this morning:

Another buckwheat bake, topped with coconut butter and jam (best mixture ever) and not a chia seed in sight… except the ones I used instead of a flax egg…. I wanted to try it and what’s a girl to do?!

So no, not a lot to moan about!

Except, now I come to think about it, there is one thing.

My office is fairly newly-converted and one of the “pluses” (or BIG negatives in my opinion) is the ar conditioning.

If the office were in, say, the Sahara, or Dubai, or maybe Arizona, and it was August, I can see it would be necessary. But it’s not. It’s Kent. And it’s April. And the fecking machine only has two settings: “Off” and “Arctic Blast”. And I sit directly underneath one of the blowers 😦

It’s seriously the one thing that could make me apply for a job elsewhere; it made me miserable last summer and what’s the point of it being gorgeous outside when you have to go out to warm up? And what’s wrong with OPENING THE WINDOWS?! Aaaargggghhhh!

Question: Air conditioning: love it or hate it? Again, I can see that it must be a necessity in some places. But not in England! I hate it in the summer when every time you go into a shop you have to put layers on. And it’s not natural – or particularly good for you.

But how could I end on a moan, with four days off; four days of chilling, sleeping and enjoying the beautiful weather – have a good one!

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20 Responses to Moandy Thursday

  1. Oh man, it’s 100+ here with crazy high humidity in the summer… I don’t know if I’d survive without A/C. Haha!

  2. We just got an air conditioner a few years ago, but we don’t use it too much- my dad freaks out if we turn it on! I never turn it on if I’m the only one home. It just feels wasteful! My car doesn’t have air conditioning and it can be miserable sometimes! I live in California… it gets HOT here!

  3. We have AC on my lab but it only seems to blow in o e direction which doesn’t come near me thankfully. You must have been freezing!

  4. Maria says:

    I could do with air-con at my work- the windows open a crack, and in case the children escape (or people get in) we cant have the doors open, so normally on a warm day my classroom thermometer will be 30C +.
    But if the windows opened up more I would much rather have a cooling breeze. WHen I went to florida I had to take a cardi with me because inside would be so cold I would get goose pimples!

    • Nightmare that you can’t open the windows because I agree; a natural breeze is so much better! And that’s the thing – even here, you need to take a jumper with you if you’re going shopping or anything because you freeze and that can’t be right!

  5. I haven’t had pimms in so long and now I have a huge craving! Its like summer to me – with ice, lemonade and cucumber in the glass – so good! I hate feeling cold and agree we don’t really need air con in the UK!

  6. ~Jessica~ says:

    The only time I’m grateful for air-con is during spin classes: I think I might die without it in that scenario! Otherwise I agree with you, particularly when this country doesn’t really hit high levels of humidity.


  7. hee hee! i agree….no need for air con here! your buckwheat bake is such a neat idea! WOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! for the next 2 weeks!!! Lots of time off!! 🙂 Could I ask….where do you get your peanut flour? Or do you make your own? have a great weekend!!! (x2!!)

    • It’s amazing; so much bank holiday joy; hope you have a brilliant one!
      I got this from a food swap but you can get it on eBay (the international .com one not or Netrition does it I think… pricey that way but it’s sooo good 🙂

  8. YUM for Pimms! I love that stuff- especially with lemonade 🙂
    I love A/C especially being from Texas where the average temp in the summer is 100F. But I agree that a lot of stores turn up the cold air way too much! So much that I feel like I’ll catch a flu!

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  10. I am intrigued by the chia pudding mix!

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