Being consistent

I’ve said before I can be really stupid. I’ve said before I’m always late. But I outdid myself on both counts last night.

I had a normal work day, then had to go to a meeting about six miles nearer to home at 7pm. I stayed in the office till just gone 6pm, which should have left me plenty of time to get a couple of bits from Sainsbury’s on the way. But then I realised I needed petrol. I stopped at the services on the junction I had to come off the motorway anyway but, as I left, I went the wrong way. It must have been because I was knackered and on auto-pilot but instead of going round the roundabout towards the meeting, I turned for home, ie back on to the motorway. And only realised two seconds too late, as I headed down the sliproad. And there isn’t another junction for eight miles.

There was nothing for it but to scorch down the motorway (and by “scorch” of course I mean within the speed limit. Ahem) come off at the next roundabout and scorch back. There was lateness. There was a lot of swearing.

But at least I’m consistent in my blondeness – and at least it meant I had to endure 20 minutes less of the boredom that is an annual town meeting but which the council had decided would run before the important one. Thanks for that 🙂

I finally got home about 10pm and had to quickly make breakfast and lunch for today. It’s lucky that my chia pudding phase is still going strong because it’s so easy to make the night before. I’ve been mixing it up all week.

First, with frozen blueberries and half a banana, cooked with oats and then stirred into the chia/coconut milk mix in the morning…

That made some monster howge mamma of a bowl! And that can’t be a bad thing…

Then, inspired by Ricki’s strawberry chia fluff, I ground the 1tbsp chia, then blended it with Kara coconut milk, strawberries and blueberries:

And mixed in part-cooked, part-soaked oats in the morning:

I love the different texture you get from grinding the chia seeds! This would definitely make a great dinner party pudding, especially because it’s so easy 🙂

Lastly, with pureed mango (Sainsbury’s is still doing deals, score!) , water, 1tbsp coconut milk powder and dry oats mixed in:

That was this morning’s; I didn’t even have the energy to part-cook the oats before I went to bed!

I said this about buckwheat but chia seeds have got some amazing filling power. Combined with oats, one tablespoon of those buckos keeps me full for five or six hours and that’s some sort of miracle in my book. I think my next trick will be cooking buckwheat grains and mixing with the chia pudding because that’s got to be some sort of mental 🙂

It also depends on what I’m doing that day of course; if I’m out and about, I don’t think to be hungry – but if I’ve been in the office all morning and am not starving by 12.30-ish, that’s got to be the way forward… what’s the most filling breakfast you’ve found? And have you ever done what I did and driven somewhere on autopilot but realised you actually want to be somewhere completely different – or is that just me?!

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16 Responses to Being consistent

  1. AlisonM says:

    Hey! Wow, those chia puddings look great. I never thought to grind chia seeds — I like that idea.

    And argh, nightmare with the meeting — how annoying! Well done on not getting too wound up. I would have been fuming!

  2. Little Bookworm says:

    Filling breakfast = porridge with almond butter, banana and flaxseed. Or a breakfast cookie. 🙂 The chia pudding sounds interesting!

  3. Ricki says:

    Sorry about missing the junction and being late! I’ve done that sort of thing far too many times to count–well, at least you didn’t miss the important meeting.

    I hope the wonderful breakfasts made up for it! I love chia pudding, too, but never think to make it the night before (and then I have to let it sit 20 minutes before I can eat it in the morning). So glad you liked the strawberry fluff idea, too. 🙂

    • Exactly; I’d have been gutted if after staying late at work, I’d missed the bit I stayed for!
      And I always make the chia pudding the night before because it’s so easy – and I’m lazy! Thank you so much for the recipe 🙂

  4. Nut butter is essential for feeling full for me. Just for kicks, I made the same kind of oatmeal two days in a row and added apple butter to one and nut butter to the other. I was starving within an hour of eating the kind with apple butter, but the nut butter one kept me full until I got home from class!

  5. I’ve just had my breakfast and I really wish I had added some chia seeds to it now!

  6. I’ll have to try grinding the chia seeds – sounds like an awesome idea! And no worries; I have SO done the “auto pilot” thing. The other day I almost pulled into the barn I used to go to on my way to work. It would have been okay if I still boarded there…but I don’t and it would have just been awkward! haha

  7. Ahh I love chia seeds. Must add them to a whizzed up mango to make pud!

    We’ve all done the auto-pilot thing, hell, I do it everyday!

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