Knight in shining armour

Yep, that was me on Friday night!

Picture the scene: There’s me, having just eaten dinner, preparing to write a post about my new-found love of mango, when the phone goes. It’s my best friend.

She sounded a bit strange and was only on the phone for a few seconds when she said she had to go because her husband was ringing. She rang back a minute later, sounding almost in tears, and said: “Please can you come round? There’s a…” I honestly thought the end of the sentence was going to be “… mad axe-man outside” but it was actually “…massive spider”!

So, dressed at my stylish best, in slobbing jogging trousers and ancient cardigan, I jumped in the trusty GolfΒ  (she’s only two minutes’ drive away) and went to the rescue πŸ™‚

Bless her, I couldn’t stop laughing when I got there but she’s terrified of them and it was HUGE! But I’m not fussed about spiders so I put it outside, then stayed for aΒ glass of wine or two πŸ™‚

So there wasn’t time to post and I didn’t have time yesterday because she and I were going to watch the Grand National in a pub near Brighton with a huge group of people. We always go and it’s always a brilliant afternoon/evening; few drinks, great atmosphere… and it always seems to be beautiful weather too πŸ™‚

But from past experience, I know I can go all day and hardly eat anything on that sort of thing so I made a good breakfast, carrying on the theme of the week…

It started with the peanut/banana/chia pudding last Sunday (and Monday)

It’s delicious and really filling but somehow feels like it needs more substance so, during the week, I made some of this and cooked oats separately

Then mixed together:

Perfect – just as filling but with more to it πŸ™‚

Then, I saw a weird “buy a bag of apples, get a mango free” deal in Sainsbury’s. It seemed strange but I’m not one to look a gift mango in the mouth! So I dived in and made, that night, a mango and Kara coconut milk smoothie:

I’m quite glad I didn’t have enough spinach to add – look at that colour! And the mango, which was almost over-ripe, was soooo good, especially with the coconut. So the next step was obviously…

Mango chia pudding (1tbsp chia seeds, 80ml Kara coconut milk and about 1/3 of a mango, pureed) left overnight and mixed with the oats…

… with mashed banana and a dollop of almond butter on top. πŸ™‚

It was perfect (cue sad face because the mango is no more) and perfect fuel for the day, especially because, apart from the pb/banana sandwich I took with me, I didn’t have anything else till I got home about 10pm. I quickly microwaved a sweet potato, which was so good, I turned it into pancakes this morning, using another find:

I saw the powdered coconut milk in Tesco ages ago and thought it might be a cheaper alternative to the tinned stuff (and with less chance of wasting any) but, as standard, stashed it in the cupboard and forgot! I broke it out today to make these:

Sweet potato/coconut pancakes;

30g oats,

1tbsp coconut powder

2tbsp egg whites

1tbsp milk (I used Kara)

About 1/4 of a huge sweet potato, baked and mashed

1/4tsp bicarbonate of soda

Mix everything really well and cook on a preheated pan over a low heat.

They came out really substantial and didn’t burn or stick at all – result! I topped mine with mashed banana, mixed with another 2tsp of coconut powder:

Bliss, and it fitted with a bit of a tropical theme, given the banana/mango/coconut content of the last few days! I’m intrigued by the coconut powder too and want to use it more… have you tried it?

Off to take advantage of the beautiful weather and cycle to ride Dave – have a great Sunday πŸ™‚

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21 Responses to Knight in shining armour

  1. Woah, my mouths just flooded over that mango smoothie yum yum! Need to get one stat!

    Love your eats they look really delish. Enjoy your bike ride πŸ˜€

  2. Aww bless you for coming to the rescue! Sounds like your having a super weekend! I made a smoothie just like that a while back with mango and kara coconut milk it was fab, I poured it on top of some porridge and it was divine!

  3. ~Jessica~ says:

    Mmm, I tried recreating that smoothie as a porridge topper that Laura speaks of, and it was indeed divine.

    Thanks so much for the link as well: I shall check it out when I have finished blog trawling.

    I’m glad you rescued the spider from your friend (rather than the other way round lol, I love spiders and get so upset when people squash or kill them) and had a nice day yesterday πŸ™‚


  4. Me too; I couldn’t have killed it, bless it!
    And definitely check out the chia pudding, it’s so good with the banana and peanut flour πŸ™‚

  5. Okay I was totally reading that story waiting for the part where you got on a horse! I guess I took the picture a little too literally πŸ™‚
    Your mango chia pudding looks TOO GOOD!

  6. Hahaa! That post just made me laugh out loud….that’s so funny! πŸ™‚ You’re prettyt brave to do that tho!

  7. Maria says:

    I rang my friend once in the middle of the night (to be fair, two of our friends were driving up to see her so I knew she would be awake) because there was a massive spider in my bathroom. I am terrified of them, but luckily Andy will deal with them for me now!

  8. lindsay says:

    LOL! Thank goodness you can handle spiders. I can’t handle roaches, eek! Love all the chia pudding recipes. They are fun to make!

  9. okay that’s it. I need to get me some chia seeds NOW!

  10. I have been so obsessed with mango lately! Especially in a smoothie- LOVE it!

  11. Lot-O-Choc says:

    oh yum all of this looks so good! buy some apples get a mango?! that is an odd deal haha!

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