Remember this?

That was my oh-so-clever solution to the problem of spotting a mouse and not having enough mouseproof containers. I thought it was a good idea.

And I still do, but I messed up a bit yesterday…

I’d taken a Nakd bar to work on Thursday and forgotten to eat it. So when I got back that night, and didn’t want to leave it in my bag just in case, I thought putting it in the oven would keep it safe. Only I put it in the top oven.

And then forgot and put some butternut in to roast last night… 😦


In case you were even tempted to try it, roasted Nakd bar a la plastic is not a good idea. Trust me.

My house stank! I think it was karma, for trying out a silly April Fool’s joke on hereΒ yesterday πŸ™‚

But today started better, with pancakes:

This is what I was trying to make the other day, only this time, the egg white/mashed banana/oats combo worked.

It works better with peanut butter on top afterwards. Fact.

I then tried to do some amateur plumbing. My bathroom sink’s blocked itself and no amount of plunger action was working, so I unscrewed the pipes underneath, cleaned them out, put it all back together, felt very proud of myself, ran the tap – and it was still blocked.

Time to put my hand in my pocket and get a real plumber out methinks…

I then cycled to the village to get my hair cut. I rang on an impulse because I hadn’t had it done since October and it was really starting to get straggly. My hair’s so fine (and frizzy – grrr!) that it really needs doing more often.

I meant to take the obligatory before and after pics but the light was too rubbish by this evening, so this is the before:

Strrrragggglllle! (And check outΒ my polka-dot shower cap – I’m such a style icon.)

And as for after, just imagine that but shorter and straight πŸ™‚

I went to the yard to work Dave, took longer than I’d planned and rushed home, because I was supposed to be going out but my friend rang because her husband had been called into work (he does event planning in London) and she didn’t have a babysitter 😦

So I thought I’d have a look through Vegonomicon and make something from there for dinner – but couldn’t decide which. In the end, inspired by the aubergine rollatini, I took some thin slices of aubergine, dipped them in egg white and peanut flour, “breaded” them in a mixture of oat bran, garlic and nutritional yeast and sauted, then put them on top of a spinach/pesto mix and baked:


Nice but I think I’ll actually make the recipe next time!

It also didn’t help that I managed to spill nutritional yeast all over the hob.

So not the best of days! But it was the warmest and sunniest it’s been yet so all is good.

Hope everyone else has had a sunny Saturday πŸ™‚

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17 Responses to Karma

  1. Happy Haircut πŸ˜€

    Grilled Nakd bar is a new one hehe. Has Mickey gone AWOL now? Is your food safe to come out of the oven?

  2. ~Jessica~ says:

    You think your hair is straggly….you should see mine! Chlorine and poor diet have both wrought havoc on my already mousey, thin hair. My nickname in secondary school by some rather unkind people was, ironically given the context of this post, ‘ratskins’ because apparently that’s what my hair looked like: an assemblage of rats’ tails.

    Anyway, I digress. The point is that you have lovely hair, even in a ‘before’ picture.

    And your incinerated Nakd bar made me smile πŸ™‚ Shame it didn’t taste nice or it could have been an entire new blogging trend! I do like to microwave those bars a bit though to make them extra-melty and chewy.


    • Thank you πŸ™‚ Really appreciate your saying that πŸ™‚ and can’t believe people said that; yours is nothing like straggly!

      And the weird thing was, I could see that the cooked Nakd might have worked – if the plastic hadn’t been on maybe! I might try microwaving, thanks!

  3. Little Bookworm says:

    The poor Nakd bar. 😦 Sorry about the plumbing as well! Hope tomorrow is a good day!

  4. oh nooo, poor Nak’d bar! I bet that plastic didn’t smell so hot, either. I’ll never forget the time I walked in the house one day and was overwhelmed with the smell of burning plastic…I complained to my mom and she thought I was saying dinner smelled bad and started getting frustrated with me being so picky, haha. Eventually she discovered there was a knife with a plastic handle melting on the stove! Whoops…
    Sometimes I get overwhelmed flipping through a good cookbook, too. Sometimes I see “the recipe” and know it right off the bat…and other times, I can’t decide on one to save my soul!

    • That’s brilliant; I’ve done the same thing, or with a plastic-handled something left in a frying pan… πŸ™‚
      And that’s exactly what it was – too many great things to choose from πŸ™‚

  5. Haha, is it bad that I’m now wondering what a baked nakd bar would taste like? Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend x

  6. Maria says:

    Ah if only you had taken it out of the wrapper first then I bet it would have been lovely! But yeah, melted plastic= bad!

  7. movesnmunchies says:

    AHH that is hilarious about the wrapper!! icky i bet that smelt yuck!

  8. Jessica says:

    Haha! That is so funny! The shrivelled wrapper just rounds it off! I agree with Jess…shame it didn’t taste good!!!

    Pancakes look wonderful!

    Happy Sunday! xx

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