What a week

Well it’s definitely not been a boring week, I suppose 🙂

Seriously, time always flies but it feels like I’ve hardly drawn breath since Sunday! I’ve got loads of pictures but just didn’t get time to post them.

Like Tuesday morning’s breakfast banana bread pudding

Smothered in soya yoghurt…

I first bought this for my vegan week because I don’t like flavoured soya yoghurt and thought it’d be better than nothing… but it’s amazing.

It’s probably blasphemy to admit but I’ve never been a fan of plain or Greek dairy yoghurt because I really don’t like the tangy flavour but plain soya yoghurt is a different matter…

So creamy and delicious; it goes with everything! Like Thursday’s breakfast:

This was one of those “failure turned into success” recipes. I’ve made simple pancakes from just oats, mashed banana and egg white so many times but these ones, for some weird reason, just didn’t work… you know when you end up scraping a part-cooked mush out of the pan? Or is that just me?!


But as I hate wasting food, I put the mashup on a plate, squashed it together a bit (I’m such a chef!) and put it in the microwave…

And it was so good! Because it had stuck without burning, I got a lovely crispyish but chewy texture; much better than if I’d just microwaved from the start. You know that saying “when life gives you broken pancakes, make microwave cookies”? (That might not quite be the wording… 🙂  )

But, on a serious oat-related note, I was really worried by an article I read in a scientific journal today.

Apparently, a combination of climate change and general pollution has been affecting soil quality, resulting in a change in the pH balance. It looks like most food crops aren’t really affected because it’s only slight but the one grain that really doesn’t like the slightly more alkaline conditions is – and I hope you’re sitting down – oats.

It looks like oat production is really going to suffer. And although they hope to do some genetic modifications to allow them to adapt to the new conditions and they’re really working hard, it doesn’t look good… even if supplies are kept up, they’re going to be much more expensive 😦

To read the article, click here – let me know what you think.

On a more positive note, apart from spending Mother’s Day morning with my lovely mum on Sunday, I’m looking forward to doing not a lot this weekend!

Has anyone else got exciting plans? Are you seeing your mum? (I seem to remember America’s isn’t usually till May, is that right?)

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13 Responses to What a week

  1. Nice brekkie save! 😀

    I’ll be seeing my lovely mamasita to give her her present, card and a big squeeze before I head out for an 11 mile walk for charideeee.

    I’ll adjust my halo now 😉

  2. Yay for turning a potential messed up recipe into a success!
    Crispy-chewy is one of my favorite textures 🙂
    I didn’t know Mother’s Day was on a different day anywhere else! I’m so uncultured…hehe

    • Hee hee, I only knew it was different because the only two times I’ve been to America it’s been near my birthday, which is May, and seen all the Mother’s Day promotions!

  3. I’ve screwed up tons of oatmeal pancakes (or just pancakes in general) but the end result, although not so pretty sometimes, is soooo good! Like you mentioned, that crispy edge is awesome. 🙂

    I hadn’t heard of the oat crop news..I wonder how badly they’ll be affected?

  4. I didn’t know Mother’s Day was different in the UK! Even though it’s not Mother’s Day here, I will be seeing my mom on Sunday- cause I live with her 🙂

  5. I still haven’t tried soy yoghurt – I was put off the ingredients lists of the flavoured types – hence why I love my home made tofu yoghurt so much – I may have to seek out the plain type! I used to adore greek yoghurt but the longer I go without it and the more I enjoy the tofu yoghurt the less I’m bothered about it!

  6. ~Jessica~ says:

    I have a low-key weekend planned too. My Mum hates having a fuss made of her but I’m going to try anyway 😉

    It really confused me initially about the different US/UK dates for Mothers Day…sent me into a panic last year thinking I’d got it wrong!

    The oat crop thing actually isn’t too bad from my perspective: I love my quinoa flakes too so I can always turn to them in times of crisis.


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