The light fantastic

I could start this post like I could have started every post this week, by writing some sort of ode to spring 🙂

I’m just struck every time I go outside by how beautiful it is – AND it’s nearly 7pm now and still light! But I’ll content myself to just one picture of springlikegorgeousness:

And one two of someone who was enjoying it as much as I was…

Where was I?!

I had a great night last night; a group of us met round one couple’s house, then went into town to throw some shapes… happy days 🙂

I was glad we didn’t meet in town though, because of this:

We were out for my friend Emma’s birthday – and she’s not a fan of her birthday because she doesn’t like the thought of getting older! So we’d all been invited to an unbirthday night out… and I told her I hadn’t made her a cake… I’d made a muffin instead.

I used Katie’s brilliant single-lady cupcake recipe, with GF self-raising flour and almond oil, and added 1tsp cocoa, then topped it with the filling from my light chocolate cake and took it with me in a little box:

I remembered afterwards why I use it to fill rather than ice cakes; it ain’t the firmest-setting icing ever! But she loved it.

We didn’t have dinner so I made some before I went. I wanted another aubergine bake but had run out of mushrooms. I literally bought almost my own bodyweight in ‘shrooms last Sunday and can’t possibly have eaten them all. I think they must have evaporated – or maybe Mickey has learned how to open the fridge… 🙂

(I haven’t seen a whisker, literally, of the Mickster since Tuesday – fingers crossed!)

So instead, I blended some silken tofu with pesto and nutritional yeast, mixed it with spinach, sauted tomato and the lone mushroom (found hiding in the fridge AFTER I’d made the rest – grrr) plus some grated cheese and baked for about 15-ish minutes, covered with foil, while the butternut was cooking.

It was great and really filling but, as I had it at 7pm and didn’t go to bed till seven hours later, I was STARVING this morning!

I wanted something substantial so, inspired by Monday’s stuffed French toast, I took two random bits of GF wholemeal bread I’d found in the freezer and made a sanwich with pb and mashed banana. I dipped it in a mix of 1tbsp egg white, 1tbsp milk and a splash of vanilla and sauted:

It rocked.

It was also the perfect start to a lovely chilled day, which included cycling to the village (to get more mushrooms!) cooking and riding, all in the beautiful spring sunshine.

One last thing about last night though, which I found entertaining, was… I’d driven and so had my friend, and I’d parked nearer the club than she did so I walked to her car. As we went back towards the club, one of the boys said: “Hey El, that car looks like yours”. To which this girl I hadn’t met before said to him: “Don’t be silly – that old VW banger?!”

To which I replied, truthfully: “That’s my car”

I really shouldn’t have. The poor girl, who was so lovely, felt bad, bless her and she had a point – my car’s 11 years old and filthy at the moment! But I couldn’t resist 🙂

Would you have been able to resist? I did find it funny! And have you been enjoying the beautiful spring today?

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14 Responses to The light fantastic

  1. Aww chocolate on top of chocolate! Yummmmy!
    LOL I am not enjoying the weather today. Here, it’s misty and ugly. But it was pretty yesterday, so I can’t complain!

  2. It’s been drizzly on and off here, but it’s supposed to hit almost 80 on Thursday! Then get cold again 😦 I’ll have to enjoy it while it lasts!

    That car story is so funny. My car is a total piece of crap, and it’s my dad’s old car so there is a license plate frame that says, ‘I’d rather be camping’- LOL! I don’t think anyone would ever assume it was mine 🙂

    • 80?! Wooooowwwwwww…..! I always go for the “believe the good bits” approach to weatehr forecasts so hopefully that bit’s accurate and the rest isn’t 🙂
      I love that licence plate though, brilliant!

  3. Stuffed French toast looks great!

    Haha! I totally would’ve done the same thing so no worries. 😉

  4. ~Jessica~ says:

    I wouldn’t have been able to resist either!

    The spring weather has indeed been gorgeous, although I think your iced muffin/’not-cake’ looks equally delightful.


    • Glad you’ve got the spring with you too; can’t get over how great the daylight is!
      And the cake was brilliant, thank you! Bless my friend; there were four of us there when I gave it to her and she insisted on splitting it between us – there was enough for a decent bit each too!

  5. That dinner looks delicious! As does your stuffed french toast. For some reason LOADS of bloggers have been eating french toast recently! Its reminded me that I REALLY need to have it soon 🙂 I wonder if you could use a chia egg… hmmm.

  6. you are so resourceful and creative with your food! love it all

  7. Jessica says:

    Thanks for the comment! I’m glad to have found your blog! 🙂

    Your dinner and cake for one look really great and perfect springy food! I wish I was experiencing all this lovely spring weather you are having! It’ll reach these icy climes one of these days!

    Jessica. x

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