At the eleventh hour…

I really want some suitably doom-laden music to accompany the post title, but haven’t quite got the computer savvy to add it… 🙂

Anyway, it’s only cos the 11th hour is when I woke up today, oops!

But so needed – I love catching some Zs, especially when I haven’t had as much as I should all week. Technically, I aim to get to bed by 10pm, to get eight hours, but that never happens and I actually aim for 11pm but for the last couple of weeks have been missing that, usually by about half an hour. Six and a half hours’ sleep is NOT enough and then I’m knackered by Friday.

I found it quite funny though because I was reading through yesterday’s post before I put it up and found so many mistakes; missing words and whole sentences that just didn’t make sense, but I still didn’t spot that I’d written the clocks go back instead of forward tonight until Little Bookworm pointed it out! I think I’d better re-check everything I wrote at work on Friday very carefully when I get in on Monday… 🙂

But whatever time you emerge from the pit, it’s always breakfast time.

I wanted to investigate buckwheat’s magic filling power by seeing whether it worked in pancakes so I used this recipe, but with 10g buckwheat and 1tbsp milk added to the other ingredients. I had to take a picture of them in the pan because I was so proud of how they looked – I know that’s very, very sad 🙂

But I’m still quite proud of them… I topped them with last week’s ambrosia-like banana/coconut cream/coconut butter magic:

They were delicious but as far as scientific experimentation goes, this was a big FAIL.

As I had breakfast so late, it wasn’t that long till I had lunch. And although I wasn’t starving by then, it ain’t exactly a fair and balanced investigation…

Just means I’ll have to try it again *deep sigh*. The things I do for the advancement of mankind 🙂

I was supposed to be in the woods right at this minute, as my friend’s got her stepchildren and her sister’s dog so we were going to take them all for a picnic… but picnics in grey drizzle aren’t usually the best plan. So that idea was binned and I’m going round there in a bit, then out on the town tonight 🙂

I still feel tired though so I’m not going to be out till silly o’clock, especially as the clocks are going forward. This is why I really need to get to bed earlier next week, otherwise I spend the whole weekend catching up!

How much sleep do you need? Do you manage to get to bed when you say you’re going to?!

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16 Responses to At the eleventh hour…

  1. movesnmunchies says:

    oo i never get to bed when i want to! i usually need 8 hours.. i usually GET 7-8 hours!

  2. Maria says:

    I think I need around 8 hours- I am an early bird so typically wake up before the alarm/ by 8am at weekends. But I am terrible at going to bed on time- just one more job before I get ready….. Although this morning I was still asleep at 8.30 when the alarm went off so I must have been tired!

  3. Little Bookworm says:

    Love the pancakes – I’ve taken a photo of them before because they looked great in the pan. You aren’t the only one. 😛

  4. I sleep for 8 hours no matter what time I go to sleep; it’s weird!

  5. Love the pancakes! 🙂 I usually get around 8 hours but it’s really hard for me to get to sleep and stay asleep. I love mornings but I can hardly get to sleep early enough the night before to make waking up an enjoyable experience.

  6. I need just about exactly 8 hours. Too little or too much and I’m dragging. Except in extreme cases where I get less than 3 and it’s as if I’ve had a full 8. Weird..

  7. I wake up early no matter what, so I try to go to bed at a reasonable time- it doesn’t always happen though 🙂

  8. I’m usually knackered by half 9, 10pm and get my 8 hours (wake up at 6am) for work and don’t feel too bad. I used to survive on 5 hours but the hours have increased as I’ve got older 😉

    I wake up 8am on a weekend no matter what!

    Pancakes look delish, I’m gonna have to make some today with some of my GF flours thrown in 😀 Also got me some squash yey!

    Buckwheat is lovely, I like toasted buckwheat crunchies, they’re really delish 🙂

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