Just peachy

Thank you for the comments on the healthy cereal theme, yesterday. Maria had it right when she said most cereals’ “healthy” claims are due to the fact they’re low fat… but then, Mr Kellogg, so’s this:

This definitely isn’t low fat:

But if a healthy breakfast had to contain one or t’other, I know which it would be 🙂

And one of them featured in my breakfast this morning…

When I wanted pancakes, I used to look for a recipe and pretty much follow it.

These days, I just go for the highly scientific “throw things together, chuck ’em in a pan and see what happens” method of making pancakes. Sometimes it works

Sometimes it doesn’t:

Today, it did.

I wanted to try almond meal/flour pancakes but also, on my using things up theme, wanted to include the bargain peaches I bought a few days ago – so I combined the two.

1 medium and very ripe peach, well mashed.

3tbsp almond meal/flour

2tbsp egg whites

1/4tsp baking powder

Splash of milk

Mix really well together and put dollops on your pan. The key to this sort of pancake is definitely a combination of keeping the heat really low and not trying to move them at all until the bottom’s properly cooked and set. Don’t try to flip until you can get the spatula under and move them and they hold together…

Even so, I got a bit too cocky and wasn’t careful enough as I flipped the last one and it broke. But it still tasted good, especially with almond butter/jam sauce on top:

Delicious; I love the flavour the ground almonds give the pancakes and it really worked with the peach.

I should have spread them with something I made yesterday:

Pecan butter!

I toasted the pecans first to bring out the flavour and then let the Magimix do its thang (loving that food processor’s work!)

I love this but I think that, as pecans and chocolate are a match made in heaven, I might need to melt some dark chocolate into it… 🙂

I can see this craze getting out of hand… maybe I’ll use so many things up from the cupboards that I’ll end up with lots of room – to fill with more jars of homemade nut butter…

I had a great dinner too. Katie’s brilliant mushroom stroganoff, which I’d had bookmarked for ages. I had it last night and it was so good, I made it again today. But I made twice as much, so I can have it tomorrow as well.

That might sound like too much of a good thing – but if you’ve tried this recipe, you’ll know it’s not  🙂

I added some nutritional yeast and used my favourite, class A-addictive red pesto instead of the tomato puree. And I’d like to take a moment here in reverence to the amazingness that is this stuff….

Pictured with garlic because, like the garlic, I seem to add it to everything I cook and it not only goes, it always enhances it. I say everything I cook and I do mean everything savoury and dinnerlike… but it’s that good, if you were to offer me, say, a piece of pesto chocolate cake, I might not turn you down straight away… 🙂

What are your staple “add them to anything and they’ll taste good” failsafes?

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22 Responses to Just peachy

  1. Awww times a million!
    And lol can I say “chocolate”? Well, I can add it to *almost* anything ;).

  2. movesnmunchies says:

    woohoo for your breakki! and PECAN BUTTER ROCKS!

  3. Pancakes are my life staple actually. I absolutely love them for real!

  4. I swear that peanut butter goes with EVERYTHING!

  5. I’ve never tried pecan butter! I just had a cookie loaded with pecans, though..and if those are delicious, pecan butter’s bound to be too! 😉

  6. I totally add garlic to everything too, haha! That stroganoff looks yummy!

  7. Hummus, shoyu, braggs and nutritional yeast are my fave condiments – everything tastes better with some of those on it! You’ve also just reminded me that I’m out of almond butter, must get more!

  8. I am the worst at flipping pancakes! Mine rarely look presentable 🙂
    I can add PB to anything…Anything 😉 haha

  9. Maria says:

    Wow pecan butter sounds amazing 🙂
    Love the pancakes too- I love ground almonds in cakes so I bet it would be amazing in a pancake 🙂 Thanks for the idea 🙂

  10. Okay wow that stroganoff looks super good! I need to make it 🙂

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