Birthday porridge

It’s been a beeeyoootiful day.

Last week’s picture – but this week’s view πŸ™‚ Gorgeous sun, lovely and warm, blossom coming out – and Saturday. Happy, happy me.

I was knackered yesterday, entirely my own fault because I’ve not been getting to bed till 11.30pm-ish all week and when you get up at 6am – and get moody when you don’t get enough sleep – that ain’t good.

So when I woke up at silly o’clock this morning, I went for the oh-so-stylish but oh-so-effective headband round the eyes trick and – it works every time – didn’t wake up till 10.45 am! Almost unheard-of but blissful.

I made French toast for breakfast, using a coconut roll (and 1tbsp each egg white and milk) and cooking a sliced banana in the pan at the same time, then topping with coconut butter and jam…

Almost as beeeyoootiful as the day πŸ™‚

I then went for a lovely sunnyΒ bike ride to the village to get a few bits then to see my dad because it’s his birthday. He and my mum are going to their friends’ for dinner so I took him his present…

And in case you think I’m the kinda gal whoΒ  routinely gives people porridge for presents, there was a good reason πŸ™‚

He’s recently gone on a health kick (he finds it hilarious to tell people he’s “on the wagon”!) which I’m really relieved about. He’s not the skinny bloke he was in his twenties, he’s got a stressful job, doesn’t exercise too much, likes a glass or three of wine and his dad died of a heart attack in his early fifties… so you know why I’m so pleased he’s made the decision to change things.

He said the other day he’d lost weight and was feeling better, mainly because he hadn’t had a single drink for four weeks, so I asked what he was having for breakfast. He laughed and said “women’s food” which means Special K. I told him that wasn’t amazingly healthy because of the sugar content and he was gobsmacked, saying “I thought it was healthy – that’s what it’s advertised as” which just goes to show how misleading marketing can be.

I handed him a box of Oatibix and said that’d be a lot better but didn’t expect him to do anything… then my mum said he’d been eating her low sugar oat bran cereal instead, because of what I’d said! I knew he would never have time to make porridge in the mornings so I thought these instant sachets, with added oat bran, could be the answer – and make him laugh πŸ™‚

He did laugh – and he did like them, almost more than the “proper” presents I’d lovingly chosen him!

Then I spent a lovely few hours with my best friend and her beautiful baby daughter. AΒ  perfect Saturday all round… and happy birthday to my brilliant dad!

Have you every given food, as in “proper” food, as a present? Was the other person pleased?

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24 Responses to Birthday porridge

  1. Maria says:

    I never have given food like that as a present, but I would love to receive that sort of thing!
    I know special K annoys me so much- it is worse than cornflakes for sugar etc, but advertised as healthy just because it is low fat. Jelly beans are low fat but I am not eating them for breakfast! πŸ™‚

  2. HELL no! If it’s a health food it’s MINE πŸ˜‰

    It goes to show how powerful advertising is. I don’t think I’ve picked up a box of Special K since I was 12!

  3. movesnmunchies says:

    oo great advice!! special k really ISNT good for you at all- thats awesome you let him know!!

  4. Love the advice you gave your dad about the Special K. My step-dad is diabetic and eats a lot of small flavored yogurts- he didn’t realize how much sugar was in them!
    I once gave my mom nutritional yeast and goji berries- she really liked them πŸ™‚

    • It’s the hidden sugar that’s so sneaky – when they list the amount in grams per 30g serving, it doesn’t look too bad but when you realise it’s 20g per 100g and that that’s 20 per cent sugar…!
      That’s a great present; I’d have loved it too πŸ™‚

  5. ~Jessica~ says:

    My Dad sounds very much like yours, only he’s a bit more vehement about meat eating and somewhat anti-vegetarian, let alone vegan. Oh, the arguments we’ve had over that! His idea of healthy eating was to skip breakfast altogether and although he lost weight, he wasn’t that healthy per se. He ended up with a stroke last year which he blamed on stress but in reality I think it was a combination of factors.

    I do try to get him to be more open towards veggie meals but he’s not happy unless there’s meat (or fish at the very least) on his plate. He is much better than he used to be though, not that I can preach to anyone about their eating habits as mine are so atrocious!

    I think your gift to your Dad is just lovely πŸ™‚ And the weather looks gorgeous too.


    • They do sound really similar and I used to think the way forward was kind of tricking mine into being healthier but it’s got to come from him so really glad.
      Sorry to hear about your dad’s stroke; hope he’s recovered? x

  6. The only food I’ve ever given as a gift is cookies, fudge, or other baked goods that I’ve made..but never “proper” food. I have recieved food though which I love! Free food’s always welcome.

  7. lindsay says:

    way to go dad! good choice. and I agree, special K is not nutritious. Just low calorie. Big difference there!

  8. I totally agree with you about Special K – the marketing is really annoying. I’d love to get porridge for my birthday πŸ™‚

  9. It never ceases to amaze me how misleading marketing and the media can be about healthy eating. – hope he enjoys his porridge!

  10. That french toast looks amazing!!

    Good for your dad! πŸ˜€ And good for you for helping him make healthy choices πŸ™‚

  11. I usually make something that might be a little healthier and give it as gifts. People will look at me weird but haha oh well! They usually end up liking it right?? πŸ™‚ I’m craving French toast now that u posted about it πŸ™‚

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