It was actually payday on Monday but as I’m always late, the timing of this fits well  🙂

I hate waste and I very rarely waste any food. But I’ve gradually realised how bad I am for food shopping, in that I buy lots of different food, wanting to make new recipes, try new things… use whatever it is for a bit and then forget about it and stick it back in the cupboard and move on to something else. And it’s not just supermarkets; I’m a sucker for a health food shop, especially if there’s a sale on…

So this month, I’m really going to try not to buy anything I don’t need and instead use up what’s in the cupboard.

First up  was this:

I got it in my bargain Goodness Direct order a while ago and because of the discount, they actually they cost me negative money! And they’ve got impressive nutritional statistics AND the child in me just likes the hoops…

(The discount code, for £10 off orders of £35+ on which you also get free delivery, applies till the end of March! Just click that link, above.)

But I was definitely underwhelmed. I didn’t dislike them but I love breakfast – and these didn’t make the mark. So they’ve sat in the cupboard, looking repraochful, ever since.

So I got inspired and used them for Katie’s banana bread in a bowl. I added cinnamon (and some xanthan gum to thicken) and used almond butter instead of walnuts…

This is so delicious… Katie, you’ve done it again! Creamy, filling, perfect. Even a less-than-average breakfast cereal is transformed.

Another thing sitting in my cupboard (since the same GD order) was the nutritional yeast, which is used in Mama Pea’s aubergine burgers. I lacked most of the other ingredients so I used 2tbsp pesto and 1tbsp vegetable stock to “marinade”, chucked in a load of sage and mixed herbs and subbed the tahini with peanut butter…

Waited impatiently for them to cook…

I’m not in a position to judge whether or not these are like the original Farm Cafe ones, but I can judge her last claim and it’s bang on – dang, they’re good 🙂

With roasted kabocha (didn’t know Asda did them and it was a bargain!) and the usual suspects:

I LOVE the nutritional yeast/pb combination, and am now thinking up other ways to have it. These burgers are A.Mazing. 

So the using things up approach is going well. And so’s my food shopping; I’ve only bought fruit, veg, cheese, yoghurt etc this week AND I managed to resist the temptation of a buy one get one for a penny sale in Holland and Barrett *takes a bow*.

It’s all good – now I just need to stick to it!

How do you deal with food shopping budgets… any tips?!

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27 Responses to Payday

  1. movesnmunchies says:

    noosh and pb!?! ahh i cnt get my head around it! sorry the cereal wasnt too great :(!

  2. I’m very much the same, I can’t pass a health food shop and not spend a fortune. I’ve also recently been trying to use up more of what I have in the cupboards (and erm, boxes 😉 before I go an buy more stuff. The life of a food blogger eh?

  3. Aww thanks for the shout out. Your dinner looks delicious!

  4. Nutritional yeast and PB? I never thought about that! I bet it is good, though.

  5. I am a huge sucker for health food shops as well. I have two within easy distance of work – it’s very difficult to resist!

  6. It’s so hard for me to use everything in my cupboard! I would just rather go to the grocery store n buy what I want lol 🙂 oh and I have never seen quinoa o’s before, but that burger looks really good!

  7. Oh Lordy, I’m a NIGHTMARE in health food shops and the Wholefoods sections of supermarkets (Damn you Tesco!).

    I hit every health food shop in York on a visit and any new town/city I go to if I spy one I’ll do a squeal and run in, it’s ridic!

    I’ve also got a bit of a stash I’ve forgotten about, oops! Need to do a cupboard de-clutter methinks.

    I think the best way to manage a budget is to make a list and stick to it. If you shop at say Asda, go on their website and pick the items you’d choose for meals that week to see what your weekly shop would total at and stay within your allocated budfet.
    Own brand names are 95% of the time just as good as branded stuff so I try and go for those too.

    I also go to places like the £1 shop, Wilkinsons and Home Bargains, Poundstretcher and Boyes for toiletries as there’s a lot of branded stuff in there that’s so much cheaper 🙂

    • Me too – they’re the first shops I go in! Tesco Extras are a nightmare too and Waitrose; if I have to go in Waitrose for anything, I try just to head straight to it and straight back; never works though 🙂
      I do write a list… it’s those pesky extras that are the problem and I’m with you; ya gotta love a bit of Poundland!

  8. I am very bad at budgeting for groceries! I’m an impulse buyer and it gets me into trouble… but, I do try to buy mostly produce and less of anything else, so that always helps!

  9. Ashley says:

    Looks tasty. I have so many tips on food budgeting. My main one, which I try so hard to stick to is to stay away from the packages and buy organic produce and meats when it is cheap – and when it is really cheap, I stock up and freeze it. Meal planning also helps. Another thing I do is that I try to give myself some wiggle room to stock up. For example, I spent $70 at Costco on meats and dairy (almost had a heart attack) but that has stretched out to last for two months (and hopefully another month).

    Sorry to ramble on! I loved finding your blog!

    • You’re definitely right about the buying at the right time and stockpiling! And meal planning’s a really good idea; I should get organised on that one 🙂
      And it wasn’t a ramble at all! Thank you and thank you for commenting 🙂

  10. ~Jessica~ says:

    Kabocha squash in ASDA!?!?! Argh, I must go there tomorrow…I never thought to look there when even Waitrose (le Posh shop) don’t have them!

    I wasn’t a fan of that cereal either – tried it last year and thought it tasted like cardboard. Glad you found a better use for it though. I hate it when breakfasts aren’t up to scratch too…lunches and dinners I can just about tolerate but breakfasts have to be perfect 😛


    • I know! I always thought if Waitrose didn’t have it, I wouldn’t find it anywhere else! They’re sneaky though; it says on the label £1.87 each so I got the biggest one possible 🙂
      but when I got to the checkout, it was by weight and nearly twice as much… luckily, the bloke believed me (or wanted to shut me up) and I got it for the £1.87…
      You’re right too; not only is cardboard EXACTLY what it tastes like… but I’m more fussed about breakfast than anything else 🙂

  11. I bet nutritional yeast and PB would be SO good!

  12. My favorite way to top a sweet potato is nooch and PB! 🙂

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