Phasing in – and out

Thank you for the comments yesterday. I know I’m nosy but it was great to hear about other people’s jobs!

As far as mine goes, today was definitely different from yesterday…

Instead of a mostly-stressed but partly-great day, it was a partly-stressed but mostly great day. And, weighing everything up, I prefer them that way 🙂

Granted, getting three editions of the paper to press by 9.45am, after mucking out three horses and driving 45 minutes to work, especially when you have to rewrite part of the front page over the phone at 9.37 (ish)am isn’t exactly blissful… but at least it means from about 10am onwards, all was good. Phew.

The council is going to be running an electric boat this summer for tourists and they invited me to try it out for publicity for them.

So this was how I spent an hour after deadline:

It was so relaxing. I realised I never just do nothing and let myself relax so it was blissful to sit there, only able to hear the noise of the  water, and see all the birds because they can’t hear you coming… perfect 🙂

On a food note, I also had some lovely deliciousness, including this:

It made me laugh to read a guest post Jessica, of Healthy Exposures, did on Chelsey’s blog the other day. She was talking about going through phases with breakfast and that’s me to a T.

Having enjoyed a socca version:

Yesterday’s coconut version:

An oven-baked raspberry version – which I didn’t share because it was distinctly average but which looks good, so I’m using the picture 🙂 –

The latest was a squash microwave muffin.

I used 15g each of peanut flour and part-ground oats, 100g squash, cooked and pureed, mixed with 1tsp flax in 1tbsp warm water, 2tbsp milk, 1/4tsp baking powder, a splash of vanilla and a shake of cinnamon, and microwaved on 3/4 power for 3+ minutes, then served with banana/almond butter on the top this morning.

So good! but, weirdly, I know I’m now out of that phase 🙂

Yoghurt and cereal tomorrow, I feel.

Do you go through phases with meals/favourite foods? What are your all-time fallbacks?

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15 Responses to Phasing in – and out

  1. ~Jessica~ says:

    I went through a long phase of being addicted to polenta in the winter of 2009: I ate it so often for dinner, and frequently in a sweet variation for breakfast. I also had a thing for rice noodle stir-fry with peanut sauce, but that was more of a treat than a frequent meal.

    Lentil bolognese is always a fallback for me, when I’m pushed for time or am just feeling plain lazy. And green monsters or oats too, because they’re so simple and delicious for any meal: not just breakfast.

    That boat trip looks like a perfect (and well-deserved) way to relax after such a hectic time!


  2. thequirkykitchen says:

    Hey! I totally go through phases all the time. Sometimes I see something I like on a blog, try it and then liking it so much that I have it lots! I’m currently going through a granola phase – not usual for me – but the oatmeal is gradually phasing back in. I’m also always having a chocolate phase!

  3. Socca looks so interesting! I’ve never heard of it until a few weeks ago and haven’t tried it yet..but it does looks delicious!

  4. I have never tried socca. I think it is time! I always fall back on smoothies. I don’t know why but I love them and they are so versatile! 🙂

  5. The boat trip looks lovely and relaxing.
    I probably do have phases, but they tend to be more what I have open in the cupboards!

  6. I go through breakfast phases like nobody’s business. Steel cut oats for a week, pumpkin pie oatmeal for a few days, then pancakes, and then cereal.
    That boat ride looks so peaceful!

  7. movesnmunchies says:

    im SUCH a phase gal! you are goin thru a good one now! that boat trip looks fab!

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