I wasn’t going to post today because I’m going out for dinner in a bit but… I couldn’t not.

I didn’t mention the earthquake in Japan yesterday because it didn’t seem like something I should just “tuck in” a normal post. I thought it wouldn’t be right, which was probably a bit stupid of me.

But I can’t begin to imagine what those people are feeling; the complete devastation caused by the eathquake and tsunami is appalling.

My thoughts are with them x

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4 Responses to Saturday

  1. Stacey says:

    It really is a horrible situation and my thoughts are certainly with everyone involved.

  2. My prayers are definitely with them as well. It’s such a devastating situation.

  3. thequirkykitchen says:


  4. I’ve definitely been saying my prayers for all affected… and consequently finding love and gratitude in the little things in my own life! xo

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