A cereal offender

When I see a good bandwagon, I like to jump on. With both feet 🙂

Which is why I bought a bag of this:

I’ve seen so many posts waxing lyrical about the joys of socca, I knew I had to have a go. Lots of recipes have caught my eye – but I spotted Heather’s delicious-looking version of this one for cereal, from Mama Pea, and knew that was the one to go for first.

It’s weird to think that, between my coeliac diagnosis, in 2007, and about a year ago, I had the same bowl of cereal every. Single. Morning. Seriously. It was a mix of GF flakes and honey-puffed rice, which I had with flax and hemp seeds, and I loved it but since oats came back into my diet, I’ve not had cereal at all… so it was about time I did.

I followed Mama Pea’s recipe, using a mix of oat and buckwheat instead of millet but it didn’t look good when, owing to a seriously blonde moment, I misread 1t of vanilla as 1T. Oops.

I then may have forgotten about it left it in the oven slightly too long… I don’t think when Mama Pea said “Bake until edges are starting to brown and center is just starting to crack”, she had this sort of thing in mind:

Hmmm. 🙂

The middle was carbon and the edges were doughy. It definitely wasn’t cereal.

But I picked up one of the crispy bits to try it and, even burnt, it tasted amazing! Just to confirm that, of course, I ate most of the other crispy bits too. Not quite all though…

And the doughy bits were like the best flatbread ever!

Especially with pb and jam on top…

Maybe not such a cereal killer after all 🙂

I’m so glad I tried the recipe because, with changes to quantities and pan size, it can be used for cereal (hopefully!), crackers – AND the “bread”. It did mean I had to have a bought GF cereal for breakfast today though:

On top of some yoghurt, with almond butter/banana on top. (That’s the least dry I’ve ever had cereal; my mum told me she remembers a family friend, years ago, saying to his young son: “No Tommy, Eleanor’s not weird for eating cereal without milk… just different 🙂 )

Another reason I haven’t had cereal much lately is that I always think it won’t fill me up properly but this bowl (followed by a second breakfast of the socca bread and pb) meant I wasn’t hungry for hours – yet another reason for making it again!

Do you “do” cereal… and do you find it fills you up? And, most importantly, milk – or dry?!

Ps, as far as an update on the mystery parcel goes… there ain’t one. Without much hope, and without any success, I asked a couple more neighbours and no one has seen it! The shipping company has a UK office though, so I’m waiting to hear back from someone there. Grrr 🙂

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20 Responses to A cereal offender

  1. I LOVE cereal – but once I start eating it I can’t stop, so I try to avoid it as much as possible. I am a muesli fan though.

    • That’s the only problem; at least with porridge, grabbing another handful isn’t really an option!
      And I used to eat muesli every day before I was diagnosed coeliac – the Alpen one was brilliant…

  2. im not a HUGE fan of cereal- it gives me weird tummy aches!!!!!

  3. lindsay says:

    burnt socca is still good socca. Its has such a magical flavor. Glad you jumped on the bandwagon!

  4. I love cereal. I’m always mixing it up and I love it with either almond or soy milk!

  5. Cereal for sure! I love mixing types and always with almond milk! 😀 Though I love a good granola on some coconut milk yogurt too!

  6. I love cereal now and then, but seriously I’m an oats and green smoothie girl hands down!

  7. I like cereal, with milk or with something else to stop it being too dry (eg yoghurt or soya stuff). But in the mornings I prefer porridge to fill me up (and warm me up in the winter).

  8. Casey says:

    Cereal doesn’t fill me up that much either! I usually will add protein powder, Amazing Grass powder, and fruit and just eat it as a snack or dessert.

  9. Cereal rarely ever fills me up, but I’ve had it twice this past week for breakfast and it kept me going for hours! Weird how it can suddenly work/not work like that.

  10. Little Bookworm says:

    Annoying about the parcel. Not really a fan of cereal – love porridge though! 😀

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