Plum crazy

Nearly there; Friday tomorrow!

I was in such a good mood leaving work today. It was broad(ish) daylight, at the end of a beautiful day (not like yesterday’s cold, rainy, windy freezingness; when I got in my car at about 5.20pm, it was 10C! First time it’s hit double figures for TOO long)

I’m so looking forward to spring and summer. Light evenings and mornings, being able to go outside without a stupid number of layers on… paying half as much for food shopping thanks to my wonderful dad and his brilliant vegetable patch 😉

I love seasonal summer fruit and veg… including plums. But I didn’t get the chance to have quite as many plums as I’d have liked last year.

There’s a plum tree in my garden that’s always really fruitful (sorry) and last summer was no exception; you could almost hear it groaning under the weight.

But I share the garden with my neighbours. I’m not saying, of course, that they had anything to do with the fact that the tree was laden when I went away to Spain – and bare when I got back.

Clearly, it was a complete coincidence that it was the same week my tree was hit by a previously unknown and deadly fruit blight. Or maybe it was that week the famous and dastardly plum thieves struck my villaage – who knows?

Actually, that was a lie; the tree did have one plum on it when I got back. But, as I found out when I went to pick it, it was actually half a plum. And the wasp that flew out of it and stung my outsretched finger had been enjoying it more than I was going to 🙂

So anyway, the upshot of this ramble is, I snapped up this bargain pretty quick this week.

I wanted to make a plum version of my breakfast crumble so I stewed them, with about half an inch of water, some cinnamon and a sprinkle of sugar, over a really low heat:

Until they looked like this:

I’d meant to make a lazy-girl crumble, by adding some homemade granola but then a piece of the updated banana bread caught my eye, as did the last scrapings of the coconut cream…

I’m glad I added a bit of sugar but wouldn’t have wanted any more. The plums weren’t quite ripe but their tartness, combined with the creamy coconut joy, was perfect. The banana bread crumbles topped it off soooo well, as they absorbed the liquid. I could have eaten it twice 🙂

All mixed up = breakfast heaven.

But no breakfast is complete with just one serving in my book. So, when I got back from the yard, my second breakfast was this:

Half a coconut muffin/roll, with coconut butter and St Dalfour strawberry jam. I can’t tell you how good this is, but think of the richest, most decadent piece of iced cake in the world – and double it. It’s that good. And without any “bad” fat OR any sugar! (The St Dalfour is sweetened with fruit juice)

The perfect start to a great day 🙂

Are you looking forward to spring/summer; if so, what’s your favourite part of it – or are you a winter person?

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20 Responses to Plum crazy

  1. Little Bookworm says:

    Yep, looking forward to spring! 🙂 That crumble sounds great!

  2. Even though it doesn’t get too cold here, I actually find myself looking forward to spring!

  3. I am so a spring/summer person! I loooove the sunshine and the warmth and the beach! 🙂

  4. I’m really looking forward to spring. I ahve spotted any daffodils yet, but can’t wait 🙂 One of my colleague actually went outside without a coat today (I wasn’t brave enough!)
    That does look like breakfast heaven – yummy!

  5. lindsay says:

    oh I can’t wait till spring either! Lots of fresh flowers, fruits, etc. What a steal. love the plum scramble!

  6. Plum scramble sounds incredibly delicious!! I haven’t eaten a plum in ages!

  7. That plum scramble looks lovely 😉
    I love spring time- those days when it is light and cool but you know as the day goes on it warms up nicely (but not too hot for a run in the afternoon).
    We have daffodils up at work already- I think as it was so cold and then mild quickly it has made them all come up.

  8. mmmm that plum breakfast looks So Good. I love your story about the plum tree too 🙂

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