Thank Crunchie


Sorry. 🙂

And thank Crunchie it is! I never fail to appreciate a good Friday, especially one that’s nearer the end of February than the beginning, especially one that’s light till nearly 5.45pm, ish and especially one that starts with porridge.

It’s hard to believe that, a year ago, there wasn’t an oat in my house.

But now, every day, just about, I have reason to be grateful, not only because my coeliac disease is the sort that can tolerate oats but also to Mornflake, as all the oats they use are guaranteed pure, ie GF; if I could only buy the supermarkets’ “free from” ones, I would have to eat them a lot less be heading swiftly towards the bankruptcy courts.

And, because all the oats Mornflake uses are pure, I can eat the whole range, woop!

From the joy of the monster 3kg bags of “normal” oats:

To the big ol’ boys… love the chewiness of these.

To bran…

And then, the other day, I found this:

I’d always thought oatmeal was just the American term for what I call porridge but not so, it seems. And this bag suited my greedy/penny-pinching ways to a T because the instructions said you needed FOUR times the amount of water! It said you had to cook for about 20 minutes and I took that to mean I’d end up with a bowl of porridge four times as big for the same amount of oatage. So I got stuck in, the next day.

And wasn’t overly impressed to be honest. It didn’t make any more than usual (Katie’s voluminous trick is the best for that) AND the saucepan was much harder to wash. Plus, it was much smoother in texture and I prefer more chewiness.

But as I hate wasting food, and my hard-earned cashish, I used it in a couple of other things and it proved to be a winner.

Averie’s banana microwave oat cake:

If you haven’t tried this, do so. Immediately. It’s that good 🙂

And pancakes:

It’s perfect for recipes that need less “structure”. The next breakfast to be tried was overnight oats – hate to admit it but I’d never had it.

I mixed the oatmeal with 1tbsp coconut flour, some flax seed, water and milk. It hadn’t quite absorbed all the liquid by today but putting it in the microwave sorted that. Plus, it was -2 this morning, something I didn’t discover till I was on my way to the yard – on my bike 😦

So having had this beforehand made it all better…

Warm, lovely texture and A+ for deiciousness! Add the laziness factor, ie I didn’t have to get the saucepan out last night, and these are definitely going to feature in future breakfasts. A lot.

What’s your favourite way of eating oats, ie what other joy have I been missing out on??!

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17 Responses to Thank Crunchie

  1. Ooh so much goodness here!

    I love oats with a little bit of butter and sugar free honey. YUM!

  2. I love oats any which way 🙂 I think the best topping I’ve ever put on oatmeal was a chocolate muffin. It was AMAZING.

  3. Aww, thanks for the mention. And Averie’s cake looks so yummy!

  4. Little Bookworm says:

    Favourite way of eating oats = porridge, overnight oats, breakfast cookies, in pancakes and sometimes in savoury recipes instead of breadcrumbs. 🙂

  5. Overnight oats are the bomb dot com! Love them that way! Oat bran is my fave though 🙂

  6. My fave way of making oats is my Healthy Gajar Halwa recipe… it’s basically a sweet carrot oatmeal dish! I also love overnight oats made with greek yogurt and topped with salty pretzels and PB in the morning! I also love making oat flour in my blender and using it for baked goods! I can’t pick a favorite haha

  7. sophia says:

    Those aren’t oatmeal, I think they are steel-cut oats, which is why it requires 4 times the amount of water. 🙂
    In singapore, “porridge” means rice gruel!

  8. Oatmeal raisin cookies come a close second to good ole porridge 🙂

  9. I love oats any way but I’m really getting into over night oats and of course oats in a jar are great!

  10. movesnmunchies says:

    wow! yum eats esp the nanner cake! my oats are best with nut butter and jam.. and i stir in vegan protein powder too!

  11. I put peanut butter and coconut butter in my oats! 🙂 in fact I love those ingredients on anything! 🙂

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