That was the week that was

Well there’s nothing like striking while the iron is hot… and this post is nothing like it!

But it does contain pictures of chocolate cake…

Finally I’ve got round to posting about the vegan week!

the feature’s coming out in tomorrow’s paper but I won’t put the whole thing on a post because it’s LONG! But I have put it on a separate page, so if anyone is bored enough to read it 🙂 I’d be interested to hear anyone’s comments.

As the feature says, I enjoyed every single vegan thing I ate, all week. I found substitutes for most things and got round others (I found that dried banana chips and raisins together is so good, I almost didn’t miss the chocolate-covered ones. Almost)

And it was great. I won’t “become” vegan or vegetarian but then I didn’t eat meat much anyway. I don’t put my diet in any category (other than gluten-free by necessity) and it might be that one day I end up vegetarian or even vegan, almost without realising it.

It was good in that it shook me out of a lunch rut a bit; it was really nice to take some different things into work and if I’d had more time to get myself organised, I think I’d have found lots of other great lunches. I’m definitely going to do more experimenting with the flax too; Sunday’s pancakes were better than if I’d used egg!

And it was funny to realise that, since I’ve not been on the vegan diet, every breakfast I’ve had has been vegan and all my dinners have been vegetarian! Today’s breakfast though, contained egg. And was amazing.

I made Lindsay Cotter’s bread pudding, last night – and then got to have heaven in a bowl today. I took two slices of banana bread and crumbled them really small, then mixed 2tbsp flour, 3tbsp egg white (vegan week = lack of real eggs in the house or I’d have used a whole one!) 3tbsp milk, 1tsp baking powder and a mashed banana, poured the batter over the bread and baked for 20-ish minutes at 180C…

And it was amazing. I’ve never had traditional bread pudding but I don’t think it could be better than this bread-y, banana-y goodness, thank you Lindsay!

Just a tip though, not that anyone else will need it, if you do make this, don’t do what I did and forget to spray the bowl first…

It makes washing up so much more fun!

Take care 🙂

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15 Responses to That was the week that was

  1. movesnmunchies says:

    hahah I ALWASY eat out of the bowl or pan..!! so much easier and you can scrape the edges 😀

  2. That bread pudding sounds really nice, but rather you than me with the washing up 🙂
    I think it’s good to shake up the routine food-wise sometimes and get out of a rut.

  3. Oooh the banana bread pudding looks yummy! I never have “real” bread pudding but I love the Jamie Oliver cheat version where you spread a hot cross bun with marmalade, pour over ready made custard (soya or normal) and then bake in the oven- it’s so yummy 🙂 Also nice with sliced bananas in there too. Glad you enjoyed the week, and as you say you dont have to put a label on your eating, but its nice to find variety.

  4. Mmmm, I have Lindsay’s bread pudding bookmarked!!! 🙂

  5. Casey says:

    Girl, you know how I feel about flax!
    Oh, and bread pudding is one of my all time comfort foods, sounds yummier when made with banana bread

  6. I hate when I forget to spray something before I bake it- washing it out is murder!

    Your breakfast looks so tasty. I LOVE banana bread!

  7. Hey girl, I responded to your comment on my blog, but in case you don’t see it…

    You are so welcome to ask me question about anything! I don’t mind one bit. I may not have all the “right” answers, but I am happy to share my experiences with you! 🙂

    Ooh, I hate when I forget to spray something before baking. Like Kate said, it’s awful to clean up later!

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