A big thank you

The title of this post should actually be a HUGE thank you! To two lovely ladies, for this:

It arrived yesterday but a neighbour took it in for me, which meant, this morning, I got this:


This is thanks to Freya, at Brit Chick Runs, and another lovely lady called Joy. Freya had organised a food swap with an American reader and then, a few posts later, asked if anyone else was interested in doing a similar one.

I’d been desperate to get my grubby mitts on some peanut flour, so I emailed Freya so fast, I’m surprised my keyboard didn’t smoke 🙂

Freya replied straight away saying she’d set it up already but that she could pass my details on to another of her US readers. Bless her, she did just that and within hours, Joy had emailed asking exactly what I wanted.

I’d also really wanted to find coconut extract and she was more than happy to send that too.

She said she’d rather have surprises for her parcel but that she was vegan and loved herbal tea so I got this lot together:

A lovely seedy mix, which includes ground Brazil nuts, a Nakd pecan pie bar and a Raw almond/date bar, some Nakd lemon raisins and a selection of herbal tea (I thought white tea with vanilla sounded amazing).

But I’ve got a horrible feeling my favourite dark chocolate, which is vegan, didn’t make it into the parcel, because I’ve mysteriously got an extra bar – if you read this Joy, I’m really sorry; the thought was there!

I also sent this, which smelt A.Mazing…

I’m so grateful, both to Freya for sorting it out and to Joy for taking all that trouble, she sent me a lovely card too. I just really hope Joy likes what’s in her box!

The next question was, what to use it for?!

Porridge and pancakes will definitely be coming up but for today, it needed to be with chocolate.

I’d bookmarked these brownies at Holy Cow at the start of my vegan week and, remembering how good the pb brownies were the other week, I got in there with the peanut flour for these…

I only made 1/4 quantities because I’m so ridiculous – I don’t want to use the flour up too soon 🙂

But that made three perfect little brownies, gooey on the inside, crunchy on the outside…  🙂

I love these foodie swaps; I think it’s so lovely that people who have never met each other will go to that much trouble… would anyone be interested if I set up some sort of page where anyone interested in doing a swap could put her details on and then other people could get in touch to see if swaps were doable…? I think it might work; let me know your thoughts!

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7 Responses to A big thank you

  1. movesnmunchies says:

    ahh you are super lucky!! YES please do a swap page! i WOULD love to do a swaP!!!

  2. You lucky lady indeed 🙂
    A food swap organisation sounds like a fab idea:)

  3. flopenfold says:

    That amaretto explosion tea is gorgeous… I got it in my stocking at Christmas and loved drinking my way through it (and i’m not even a tea person, I normally prefer my coffee!)! Also I sooo want to get my hands on some peanut flour – if any American readers/bloggers are reading this I’m here *hint* haha!

  4. Looks like some awesome stuff that you got! I love halving and quartering recipes…whenever I have a cool ingredient, I never want to use it all!

  5. Esre says:

    A food swap page would be great! I’ve spent ages coveting Lara bars and flavoured peanut butter amongst other things.

    Have fun baking with peanut flour 🙂

  6. ~Jessica~ says:

    The only thing with food swaps is to make sure that both parties are honest in their intentions: I did a ‘swap’ with another blogger (Michal, Earth Muffin blog) and while her goodies arrived I never got mine. Whether this was her fault I’m not sure, but it has made me wary of doing international swaps ever since.

    But if you were to set up an organised system to regulate that I think it’s sounds like a fab and altruistic idea!


  7. Swaps are so much FUN! 😀 And those brownies look just perfectly redonk!

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