I thought my luck was in today.

I’d meant to go to court, half-changed my mind because I had loads of work on and then was persauded into going anyway. And as soon as I got there, I was glad I had, when I bumped into a certain fit young lawyer 🙂

I’ve seen him up there loads of times and always fancied the pants off  got on really well with him. After some mild flirtation (on my part) I suddenly had inspiration and asked him about Government cuts to legal aid, a story I’ve been meaning to do.

He said he had lots he could tell me and said…. “I’d better buy you a drink then”. I kept cool (don’t think I even drooled – much) and said fine so he said he’d come and find me. Which he did and he did buy me a drink.

But it wasn’t a nice glass of Rioja in a swanky wine bar. It was a cup of tea from the court canteen. And halfway through a (great) conversation, he said: “That was just after I had my son…”


But at least I got a free cup of tea, so it wasn’t too bad… 🙂

Anyway! Talking of denial, it’s funny how, as soon as you feel you’re denying yourself something, it suddenly becomes the one thing you want.

Take cheese. Lately, I’ve been sprinkling grated cheese on most of my dinners so I knew I’d feel as if I was missing out this week.

Then I found this, in Tesco.

It doesn’t taste exactly like cheese, of course, and when I first tried it, I thought it was horrible but it’s actually really nice. I think the trick with that sort of thing has to be not expecting it to taste like whatever it’s substituting. As soon as you just eat it for itself, you
can appreciate the taste.

I’ve had it in a cauliflower risotto, on a layered tomato and aubergine bake:

And, as I’d run out of inspiration for vegan lunches, I just took some grated “cheese” into work today, put it on some buckwheat crackers (made from just buckwheat and a pinch of salt) and melted them in the microwave… perfect!

I’ve nearly finished the piece for the paper, (with our deadlines as they are, I had to start writing it before the week was up) with my last sentence so far being “So there was only one way to prove (to my colleagues) that “vegan” and “boring” do not necessarily go hand-in-hand and that was cake. Chocolate cake.”

Which is all good but means I’ve got to stop blogging and finish cake-making… 

All I’ll say so far is it includes some of this:

Mmmmmm 🙂  Update tomorrow!

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17 Responses to Denied!

  1. Haha, that story is so funny! Sorry you were denied… at least you got a free drink 🙂

    • Can’t be bad when there’s free tea involved! My boss found it hilarious because he’d texted me saying he’d come and take over at court and I texted back saying no because I was after this bloke!

  2. Little Bookworm says:

    Good luck with the cake making! 😀

  3. Sorry about the denial! Buckwheat crackers sound pretty good… I need to investigate! 🙂

  4. I totally agree about the vegan cheese, i think its best to apprechiate the taste for what it is. I quite like it!

  5. I haven’t tried vegan cheese yet. I haven’t seen it in Tesco’s but I will be keeping a look out.

  6. ahahh thats a good story! oh well- you got a free drink right?.. and i just ordered that cheese! well fake cheese.. so ill def make sure to expect NOT cheese hahah

    • Exactly – free tea = can’t be that bad…
      I’d be interested to know what you think of it; it’s good because it melts really well too. They do it in Holland and Barrett; not just this white cheddar one but normal cheddar, mozzarella and some other types. I’d definitely try the mozzarella if I was staying vegan 🙂

  7. You found Cheezly in Tescos?! Cool!!

    OOOH YUM chocolate cake!! What a winner! 😀

    • In a massive Tesco, don’t know about the smaller ones! Holland and Barrett does lots of types as well.

      I was trying to think earlier in the week what sort of cake to make but don’t know why I even considered others; it always had to be chocolate 🙂

  8. That story is too funny- first the tea instead of wine..then the son! At least you have a sense of humor about it 🙂
    The risotto + veggies look delish!

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