Preparation is key

Thanks for all the suggestions for the vegan week!

I told my dad yesterday that I was doing it and he looked slightly concerned and said: “But won’t you starve?”

I started explaining that that was exactly the view I wanted to challenge by writing the piece… but he was engrossed in watching Scotland get a Six Nations kicking from the French – and I don’t think a lot of it sank in.

Still, it’s always nice to know your dad’s worried as to whether you’re going to stay alive or not 🙂

I won’t have to change my food-buying that much but I did get this lot today:

Kinnerton’s my favourite brand of dark chocolate anyway so it’s an added bonus that it’s also certified vegan!

I’ve also made wraps to replace my egg-containing pancakes for lunches this week so I’m all ready.

The only thing that could have been a problem is the chocolate situation though. I love dark chocolate but I also love milk chocolate… whether it’s smothering raisins or not 🙂

But I’ve found a make of dark chocolate-covered raisins, I’ve got my eye on my (vegan) chocolate chip cookies, my nut butter stash is at the ready…

I’m looking forward to it.

Ps, isn’t it weird how things “fit”? I knew Carrie was becoming a vegan but I didn’t know about the one-week challenge she mentions, started by Morgan. She’s challenged people to try the diet for a week, which is next week!

Even Oprah‘s done it… had anyone else heard of this and are you going to try it?

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12 Responses to Preparation is key

  1. Chocolate covered raisins are my favorite! I’ve also had chocolate covered blueberries… so tasty 🙂

  2. you have got yourself some good loot! and there are lots of milk chocolate dairy free versions to fill your cravings!!! hope it goes well.. well, i know it will- veganism is AWESOME!!.. maybe you’ll stick with it;)

    • I’m on the hunt for them; thanks for the heads-up!
      I’ll be interested to see if I do feel better for it; I saw you were so I’ll see what happens… not sure I could do it for ever though! 🙂

  3. ~Jessica~ says:

    Please don’t shoot me for being a pain but that chocolate Oatly isn’t vegan as it’s fortified with animal-derived Vitamin D (comes from lanolin/sheep’s wool derivative). It’s a pain but the non-fortified Oatly is vegan. Not sure if you’re being as picky/anal as me with things like that or not ~ it’s just I was really annoyed with Oatly about it as that choc one always looked so nice.

    Veganism is everywhere at the moment ~ I’m all for it obviously but I just hope it doesn’t become a ‘fad’ or ‘trend’ because that’s not really what it’s about. But hey, if some animals get saved in the process then I can’t complain.


    • Oh wow, thank you for letting me know! I checked the label but didn’t see that.
      It annoys me too when manufacturers do things like that, like when products used to be gluten-free then they add something (usually that didn’t need adding!) and then they’re not; grrr.
      I know, it’s mad – it was complete chance that this came up at work and then I saw it everywhere. I know what you mean though, but if people are healthier for it too then everyone’s a winner 🙂

  4. Hope you enjoy your week, I loved being vegan last month – I’m sure you’ll have a fab week eating lots of yummy food!

  5. I love how they described them as “smothered”..soooo much better than covered! 😉

  6. Lauren says:

    My dad did the same type of thing. He was shocked that I couldn’t eat eggs or cheese. He was extremely supportive of what I was doing, though, once he realized exactly what it entailed. He even apologized that they were going to be cooking with cheese that night! Dads are great =)

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