A challenge

It’s a good thing my dinners are more likely to look like this:

Than like this:

And here’s one reason why!

My colleague Mike had written a short piece for the paper last week about a mum who’s vegan and who had decided to eat only raw food for a month to raise money for charity.
Then, he found out that she also feeds her two-year-old son a vegan diet.

It turned out today, he’s going to write a feature on that fact. It sparked a huge (good-natured) argument in the office, with me and another bloke maintaining that no diet is “healthier” than another just because of the rules that govern it. Yes, if a two-year-old is not getting the essential nutrients, he will suffer. But those are by no means confined to animal products – and what about all the toddlers you see happily munching on McDonald’s? Is their diet more healthy than a vegan child’s?! I love my colleagues because we can have really strong “debates” over things like this, rubbishing each other’s opinions but still all knowing it’s not personal 🙂

Lines of thinking seemed to be “but what can you eat? It would just be vegetables” and “but how could you possibly eat enough nuts and berries to be full and healthy?” I was listing some of the delicious things you could eat and somehow, it came about that I would be vegan for a week in order to write a follow-up feature.

People were looking doubtful and saying they’d never be able to do it and they didn’t think I could but I’m quite looking forward to it. Of course, there will be a distinct lack of chocolate raisins and Mullerlight yoghurts (eek) but it’s only for a week, it’ll be really interesting to write and it might make a few readers think…

I’m really up for the challenge too! It’s not like breakfasts like this will have to change much:

Nothing non-vegan in the baked apple… or porridge, of course:

And, with a few tweaks, my dinners will be fine too, especially as I got some nutritional yeast in this week’s box of goodies so all I’ve got to sort out is lunch…

I’ve got a feeling that ham and Philadelphia in pancakes (made with egg whites) might not be entirely vegan… 🙂

Any lunch suggestions would be very welcome!

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, is there anything you miss from your former diet – and if not, what couldn’t you give up?

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18 Responses to A challenge

  1. Little Bookworm says:

    Nothing I miss. 🙂 Lunch suggestions -you could use the pancakes and fill them with roasted vegetables and pesto or hummus or just cooked/raw vegetables? My new favourite lunch is cooked quinoa or barley mixed with vegetables and hummus (or pesto).

  2. I’m pescatarian..so not fully vegetarian, but I don’t miss meat at all. I used to LOVE a big T-bone and order ribs all the time..but now the taste of meat actually disgusts me. Like the other day, I had a quid salad (which was gross anyway) that tasted like beef jerky and I couldn’t stand it. But if anything, I’d say I miss the convenience. Like, being stuck in an airport or anywhere without snacks is really hard because most places only offer meat dishes, especially sandwich shops unless you’ll settle for lettuce and bread.

    • Does that mean you just eat fish? (sorry if that’s a stupid question!)
      It’s strange how the less you eat meat, the less it seems to appeal, I was never one for going out to have a steak anyway but definitely wouldn’t fancy it now…
      And convenience is the thing for having to be gluten-free too; you’re fine in restaurants etc but on-the-go is a nightmare!

  3. I missed yogurt a ton when I was vegan. I really felt like I was depriving myself when following a vegan diet, so I made the switch back to vegetarianism. I miss fish sometimes, but I feel a lot better not eating meat!

  4. Lauren says:

    I’m trying vegan for a month myself and love it so far. I just used up some leftover beans and veggies, added some pineapple chunks and used red leaf lettuce to wrap it all up. The sky is the limit if you’re a veggie-lover! I sure do miss cheese, though.. lol

  5. I decided to be vegetarian in august and said the things I’d realy miss were manly foods that no one wouls suspect that I love, except my boyfriend who know me too well! They’d be bacon, BBQ chicken wings, and BBQ ribs! Although my boyfriend does get bent out of shape because I can’t share those foods with him anymore I haven’t had any other problem being vegetarian! I don’t miss the meat! I really love cheese, eggs, and ice cream so I don’t think the vegan lifestyle suits me. My Gramma wondered if I decided to be a vegetarian and later had children what I would do. I told her I’d have to speak to a nutritionist but would keep them on a mostly vegetarian diet with me! Kids need to eat more ‘real’ food these days! I wish my Mom hadn’t made me fall in love with junk at such a young age and maybe I wouldn’t struggle with it now! Thanks for stopping by my blog=)

    • That’s a pleasure, thank you for the comment!
      I think the things I’d miss most if I did it for good would be the same; cheese, eggs and yoghurt… interesting that you don’t miss any of the meat products though, having thought that before!

  6. congrats!!!! i just went vegan earlier this week for good and i love it!.. i just posted on some vegan staples to have in your pantry yesterday if you need some suggestions!

  7. I am veggie, not vegan, but I have loads of things like bean bakes, bean chilli, lentil chilli, chickpea stew (they are all vegan) for dinners, I love tofu pumpkin pasta (if you look on my recipes page there is a link to it)- thats also vegan. For breakfast I have porridge every day, and for lunch I have a sandiwch with cream cheese and roasted peppers (although you could sub the cream cheese for hummous or bean dip or something) with a pear. My snacks tend to be nairns oat cakes, nakd bars, clif bars, and fruit 🙂 Good luck with your challenge 🙂

  8. ~Jessica~ says:

    Good luck with the challenge ~ there are so many yummy vegan things out there, even if you’re gluten-free (I am too for the most part: can get away with a little rye bread every now and again). I’m vegan, and used to miss greek yoghurt but now I’ve discovered raw cashew cream and would never go back. The only problem I’ve encountered is with my IBS and fibre but I’m trying to moderate that now.

    In terms of lunch ideas and recipes I have to recommend Laura’s blog: http://keepingslimandgettingstylish.blogspot.com/

    All of her recipes are amazing and I’m in the process of working through them myself: most are gluten free, not too complicated and ALL delicious.

    You show those co-workers that veganism can be healthy! As you say, I’ll bet that child is in better shape than any McDonalds-eating peer.


    • Cashew cream is something I want to try… saw it on Laura’s blog!
      It was really interesting at work how everyone assumed that it isn’t healthy, as did my dad, straight away but I hope that whatever else, the piece might make some readers change their minds…
      Thank you for the good luck xx

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