Get stuffed

Yes, you!

You, the orange pepper!

Well it definitely did 🙂

I hope everyone’s happy Monday was, er, happy! And that you proved the psychologists wrong by having just as happy a Tuesday.

Mine was better than I thought it would be.

I was driving to work thinking that Thursday in court + Friday off + mad day on Monday + deadline = aarghhh…

But, as is the nature of my job, lots of big stories broke today, (including one for the front page of the edition I’m responsible for – phew) and, because some of them covered other areas, I wasn’t nearly as flat out as I thought, which is always a bonus!

When I got home, late,  (love Dave when he refuses to come in!) I had no idea what to have for dinner, until I caught sight of the pepper in the fridge. I’d never had an orange one – and it’s SO orange – but had no idea what to do with it.

In the end, I wilted spinach and sauted mushrooms, mixed them with some Philadelphia and stuffed them into the pepper.

Baked at 180C for about 20 minutes, then I sprinkled cheese on the top and left it under the grill until the cheese melted…

With the usual veg mountain, only this time it included another new one – pak choi. Bought a while ago and forgotten about, or rather, hidden beneath the other thousands of vegetables in the fridge!

I’m glad I found it though; so sweet and crisp! A perfect addition to the pepper and leftover roast veg mash-up, inspired by Averie, which I made the other day.

Delicious 🙂

And useful too; I think I’ll stuff the other half with something else tomorrow – just another reason to be happy!

Have you tried any new veg lately? Any recommendations for additions to my vegetable mountains?!

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14 Responses to Get stuffed

  1. I LOVE stuffed peppers! Cheese is essential 🙂

  2. Stuffed peppers are yummy! I love stuffing them with quinoa…I think HealthyExposures has a good recipe for them, but I’m not sure whether it is her or not…anyway, try it, it’s good! 😀

  3. glad you liked your eats! thanks for the linky love 🙂

  4. Love me some veggie mountains! I totally subbed meatballs in my spaghetti for lightly steamed whole brussels sprouts tonight, lol! 😀

  5. movesnmunchies says:

    AHAH ABEST title ever.. i was so confused… i was like.. get stuffed? what could that mean!

  6. Oh man I haven’t had a stuffed pepper in ages! That looks like a great dinner–so veggieful!

  7. I sometimes think I eat far too many vegetables… and then ignore the thought and carry on!
    Love your blog name by the way, it sums up all the best things 🙂

  8. Little Bookworm says:

    Never had a stuffed pepper – your’s sounds great though! I suggest adding parnsips to your veg mountain (if you haven’t). 😀

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