The best-laid plans…

I had the nearest near-death experience of my life today.

Seriously! I had the evening all planned: I was going to leave work early, to get to the doctor’s for 4.20pm. That wouldn’t take long, so I was going to go home, get changed, cycle up the yard, ride, get home at a decent time, get to bed at a decent time…

What actually happened was, I was driving along the motorway (not doing a fraction over the 70mph limit, of course…) when the car in front swerved and I had half a nanosecond (approximately) to see the car bumper/plank of wood/prosthetic limb lying in the road in front of me.

I had no choice but to run it over and there was an almighty great bang, an equally loud shout of “gosh” (or something similar) from yours truly and a split second when I thought the car was ok.

Then, as it started heading determinedly to the left, I realised it wasn’t.

It’s funny how you don’t panic. I calmly put on the hazard lights, let it slow down and tried to get over left. And it’s NOT thanks to the selfishness of the drivers speeding up to within inches of my car, or the lovely lorry drivers who refused to let me over (did they think I was doing 30mph with hazards on on the motorway for fun??) that I’m not writing this from a one-inch high pile of flattened former car.

It was only when I got to the hard shoulder that the shock kicked in. Thank God it was the left tyre, and only one, that blew and thanks to the lovely AA man who came and rescued me πŸ™‚

But it meant a 90-minute wait on the side of the motorway (not fun) and I ended up just grabbing Dave in on the way back, not riding and getting in at the normal time!

But at least I’m not dead; always a bonus as far as I’m concerned!

And I made a lovely dinner to make up for it.

Cauliflower “rice”, sauted with mushrooms, tomato, spinach, garlic, a pinch of vegetable stock powder and some tomato puree, with liquid gold aka Waitrose roasted pepper and almond pesto and a sprinkling of grated cheese stirred in. With butternut chunks, roasted with garlic and a bit of paprika, and the usual steamed veg mountain. Oh my God – this was an amazing dinner. If I didn’t currently feel five-months’-pregnant full, I’d start cooking it all over again…!

But asΒ I’m sure I’m still in shock and, purely because doctors always prescribe sugar for shock of course, I’m going to sit down with a bag of chocolate raisins.

Doctor’s orders πŸ™‚

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17 Responses to The best-laid plans…

  1. Oh poor you what a shock. That is so very frightening, and you are right, you are lucky that it was not worse. But don’t dwell on that, dwell on your lovely dinner instead.

  2. Oh my goodness, I’m so glad you’re okay!!! I know what you mean about not panicking though, at least initially. I had borrowed a friend’s car a while back, and while driving on an overpass I realized the brakes were completely out, pedal to the floor with no stopping power!! I managed to E-brake it down the ramp and into a parking lot like it’s something I do all the time, and once parked and sitting there for a second did it hit me how BAD that could have gone!!!

    • Thank you, me too πŸ™‚ But yours sounds so much worse… amazing you managed to get out of it and that’s it – you realise afterwards exactly what could have happened and it makes you go cold…!

  3. Little Bookworm says:

    Poor you, glad you are ok!

  4. ~Jessica~ says:

    Eek! So glad that you escaped unscathed. Lorries scare the heck out of me and they are notoriously unaccommodating. I’m very impressed with how calm you were ~ just learning to drive sent my anxiety sky high with the realisation of the sheer danger of it all, hence why I never passed my test!

    At least you had an absolutely delicious dinner to come home to, by the looks of it.


  5. Sarah says:

    That sounds HORRIBLE, i really hate driving on motorways, everyone seems to turn into a selfish and pushy person with NO SOUL. Although so do i occassionally…. so i can’t really complain. Well done for staying calm! I would have been a clammy MESS, let me tell you!

  6. Wooow scary!! Thank goodness you’re okay!! Definitely you need the chocolate raisins- no doubt about it! πŸ™‚

  7. crazylittlethingneela says:

    Aw I am so sorry to hear what happened but I think you did a really good job at handling the situation. I probably would have freaked out and screamed my lungs out πŸ˜‰
    Nice to meet your blog and you

  8. dmcgirl37 says:

    that is so scary–im glad your okay!

    Dana xo

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