What’s the difference between an admiral and a bargain-hunter?

One sails the seas, the other sees the sales.

Ha ha. Ha.

Ahem. 🙂

That “joke”, of Christmas cracker-worthy rubbishness, sums up today. No, I haven’t been hoisting the mainsheet or climbing the rigging – but I did go over to the shopping outlet 20 minutes’ drive away. It’s one of those places that has designer and brand-name shops but it’s much cheaper AND the January sales had started, woop!

I came away with a pair of these:

I’ve always liked Skechers and these were half-price… so I liked them even more!

I also knew it was about time these bowed out:

They were a size too small, they were a bit tight and they weren’t that great. But they were £5…

But after three and a half years (not bad for a fiver) they were actually starting to let water in which is enough even for me to get my purse out!

I was also dragged, kicking and screaming, into the Whittards shop.

What else could I do but take advantage of another buy-two-get-one-free deal?

I also managed to ride Dave, or the well-behaved horse left behind by the aliens who body-snatched my normal, mad animal!

I then came home and made a lovely spinach and mushroom frittata, similar to this one,

 followed possibly by some more of those class As in a bag, aka chocolate raisins (got to keep fulfilling that New Year’s resolution…)

A very successful day 🙂

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9 Responses to What’s the difference between an admiral and a bargain-hunter?

  1. Loving those news shoes!!!

  2. Those coffees look good, great flavours!

  3. Love those shoes- I adore skechers trainers- so so comfy 🙂

  4. Maria says:

    Nice coffee, I love the flavours 🙂 Have fun drinking them ! xxx

  5. I wish I liked the taste of coffee because those flavours sound yummy!

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