Out with the old… or not!


Before I do anything else, I’ve got to share this bargain-of-bargains:

I went to Asda today to get a yoghurt but saw this little lot reduced to, wait for it, 14p. That’s less than 2p a banana!

Also today, I finally got organised as to what I’m doing tomorrow. I’m not a huge fan of New Year’s Eve and didn’t want to pay a fortune for a packed night in some club… but a group of us is going for dinner. Then it’ll be back to my village which has two pubs, both within staggering distance of where I live. Sorted 🙂

As far as 2011 goes (where exactly did 2010 go??) I’m not making ay New Year’s resolutions. I’d like to make one to be on time but I don’t think there’s any point setting completely unachievable goals…!

To give you a  clue about my punctuality, when I was litle, the only time I ever got to Brownies for the start was when I’d been to play at a friend’s house first… it was always going to be a losing battle.

One thing I do do in a vain attempt to get to work half on time is always making my breakfast the night before. This has been porridge almost every day recently because it’s simple as well as being great! But, even then, I manage to take ages in the mornings, mashing and melting my banana to go in it, as well as generally faffing about.Then, yesterday, I picked up this bargain mini baking dish in the 99p Shop (guess how much it was?!)

So I made baked porridge.

I just put in exactly what I’d cook on the stove: oats, oat bran, 1tbsp egg white, and added a sprinkle of cinnamon. I baked at 175-180C for 20-ish minutes, by which time the porridge was bubbling madly over the sides of the dish like the Thing from the Black Lagoon 🙂

I then spread on some mashed banana, topped it with a sprinkle of brown sugar and put it back in, under the grill, for another 5-10 minutes.

So I had a ready-made delicious breakfast this morning (I loved the cinnamon; not usually a big fan but this was so good, I might have to start adding it to normal porridge.) and, as an added bonus, only the dish to wash up!

So I had plenty of time, no excuses, everything ready  – and was later than ever 😦

Oh well, maybe next year… what are you doing on NYE? Are you making any resolutions?

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11 Responses to Out with the old… or not!

  1. I am going to listen to a good friend’s cover band play at some restaurant/club thing. My boyfriend has to work a damn graveyard shift that night! 😦

  2. I still haven’t tried making baked oats yet! Love the bananas bargain, I’d freeze them all up! I don’t usually make resolutions but I have goals or things I’d like to achieve instead. Happy New Year!

    • Banana bread here we come! I’m such a penny-pincher, I’d almost rather get that bargain than someone else buy them for me 🙂 and definitely give the baked oats a go; I’m having the same tomorrow…
      Happy New Year; hope it’s the best yet!

  3. Love the bargain bananas! I love the idea of baked porridge too- looks like rice pudding mmmm 🙂

  4. Stacey says:

    Ooh, you’ve gotta love a bargain! I’d have snapped those bananas up too.

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