Happy days…


I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas…

Mine was really good… but a bit mad! Once I’d done the horses, I didn’t sit down for about seven hours – there were 11 of us for dinner and although my mum is head chef, I always help her with the fiddly stuff. So I peeled thousands more vegetables, rolled bacon round sausages, cleared spaces and washed everything up as she finished with it. I also ate approximately my own weight in fudge! My sister had made it and I reckon she slipped in some class As because it was the most addictive stuff I have EVER tasted 🙂

I then took the dogs out before dinner. It was a beautiful day:

Dougal’s a show-off – Dylan wouldn’t keep still long enough to be photographed!

It was cold but the sun was gorgeous

Dave was enjoying it. He’s another poser!

I think he was hoping it was dinner time…

I’m not changing my mind about snow – still hate it – but it did look quite nice, kind of!

The walk worked up an appetite for a HUGE plate of dinner (love my mum’s cooking!) Possibly followed by some more fudge… 🙂

I got some great presents too, including this:

A proper blender! I heard my dad telling my five-year-old nephew that Boxing Day is “the day you play with your new toys”. Sadly, I was out most of today and yesterday and last night so I haven’t had a chance to play with my new toy yet… 🙂

I have, however, made full use of another amazing present from my brother. Don’t laugh; apparently these hats are what all da kidz are wearing in South Korea…

Yeah, it’s a wolf. Ridiculous but the warmest thing ever!

Did you have a lovely Christmas?

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9 Responses to Happy days…

  1. Hahaha I love the hat!! Too cute! My Christmas was just what I needed… good friends and great food! Relaxing and perfect 🙂

  2. Snow is so pretty! Of course, I probably wouldn’t be saying that if I actually lived in a snowy climate 🙂

  3. movesnmunchies says:

    those are beautiful photos!! my Christmas was wonderful- i really got to spend some quality time with my family!

  4. Little Bookworm says:

    Interesting hat! Glad you had a great Christmas! Love the photos of the horses. 🙂

  5. Love that hat! Very unique (and also warm which is the most important aspect!)

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