Good things

Remember this, the result of my stupidity?!

I gave it one more chance, which involved these:

I don’t know how such weird-looking secateurs got into my house… but I used them to grip the stub of the handle… ok, it worked – ish! But after a few awkward occasions, the thought “stop being such a tight-arse” drifted into my head.

So today, I took myself to Sainsbury’s and watched the moths flutter out of my purse as I paid for this:

It’s already been put to good use, making not only crepes for tomorrow’s “sandwiches” but also a delicious omelette with sauted mushrooms, garlic, tomato and spinach, mixed with pesto and some lovely melty cheese.

Delicious and the pan’s actually better than the old one. Shiny new things usually make me happy 🙂

Better though is, as I found out today, we’ve got not only Christmas Eve off work but both bank holidays! I never thought we’d get all three days so, after tomorrow, FIVE days off, woop!

Better still is the fact the snow, touch wood, at last seems to be getting the hint and going. I couldn’t post on Monday night because it would have been a rant! I seriously nearly cried on Monday morning when it was -8.5C, all the horses’ water troughs were so frozen they wouldn’t even fill up and I couldn’t tie the gate shut because the rope was frozen 😦

But it’s been thawing so my Tuesday experience of sliding down a slope in my car will hopefully not be repeated…

But best of all is the fact my brother’s home…!

He’s been in South Korea teaching English since August and was due to land at Heathrow today. We were all really worried because BAA, which runs Heathrow, is clearly a company of eejits – the airport was closed for ages after the snow. It may be coincidence that the owners of Gatwick spent £8m on snow equipment, etc, this year and BAA spent £500,000. Gatwick was hardly closed for any time at all… and I believe BAA’s most recently-announced profit was £1bn…

But inward flights seem to have been much less affected than departures and he’s home for Christmas – and that makes me happiest of all…

Wishing lots of equal happiness to everyone else too. And as I can’t send Christmas cards to you saying that, this one will have to do 🙂

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6 Responses to Good things

  1. Nice omelet!! Mushrooms work so well with eggs!

  2. Yay 5 days off woohoo 🙂
    I am not happy with Gatwick- they are the reason that I am in the UK and not in Florida for christmas- I know they opened again quicker, but if our flight had been on time then we would have made it. Hooray that your brother made it back 🙂

  3. That omelet looks so good! Mine never look that pretty 🙂

  4. Little Bookworm says:

    That omelette looks great (and the mix you mentioned in the reply above sounds amazing!) Hope you have a great weekend! 🙂

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