More of the same…

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

So, instead of moaning, I’m calmly posting some pictures:

The lorry’s not going to be going anywhere for a while, I feel…!

If anyone in my area is paying loads for gym membership, they’re welcome to come and carry bales of hay on their backs through this – a full-body workout! (And I’m sure I’d charge them less than a gym would 🙂  )


It was a bit chilly, put it that way. And not much gritting has been going on which is fair enough because it’s a weekend and they need to save supplies for weekdays. But still… not good.

Anyway. 🙂

I had my Christmas work do last night which was really good. I was driving as I couldn’t risk staying and not being able to get back today but that meant I got to be entertained by everyone else’s drunkenness!

The food though – not impressed. I had salmon, which I usually love, but they’d pan-fried it in a HUGE amount of fat which made it really dry. Plus, they’d cooked all the vegetables in butter – why do that?! They were dry too and so not-nice, I could barely finish the broccoli which is saying something!

Pudding made up for it though: meringues, strawberries and cream? Oh yes 🙂

Still, I don’t mean to sound snooty because each to his own, but I’d much rather have something like this:

Spinach and grated courgette with soft cheese, made similarly to this, and baked with grated cheese on top… delicious, served with steamed veg and roasted butternut – much more my cup of tea!

Do you like eating out? Or do you prefer cooking things the way you like them?

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11 Responses to More of the same…

  1. SNOOW!
    That dish looked incredible! Gotta try this at home ASAP 🙂

  2. movesnmunchies says:

    i know!! so much snow!! its kind of bugging me.. although it is super pretty!

  3. Little Bookworm says:

    The spinach dish sounds great! Shame about having more snow though.

  4. Now I much prefer eating at home. I have got more confidence with cooking and trying new recipes, and I often think I would make things nicer at home (to my taste with less oil etc). Especially as veggie options at christmas do’s are often awful!

  5. Recently I much prefer cooking my own food, more often than not I’m disapointed when I eat out! Not as nice as my cooking haha!

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