I’m feeling fairly smug today.

It’s because I realised I’ve (almost) finished my Christmas shopping AND my cards. For some, probably most people, that wouldn’t be anything to write home about but, bearing in mind I’m a disorganised and generally late person, and most years I’ve hardly started by this point, I’m quite impressed 🙂

Plus, I’ve cleaned the whole house today, (even scrubbed the kitchen floor, which is almost unheard-of) hoovered the car, ridden Dave, been for a long bike ride… Time for a sit down, I feel!

And, because I didn’t have much planned for today (!) I made an amazing breakfast, starting with this:

In my book, when it comes to comfort food, apple crumble (especially my mum’s) is the ultimate. It doesn’t get better than that.

And, as I’ve said in the past, I’m not averse to having pudding for breakfast (can you guess what’s coming?!) so I decided today to make a breakfast-worthy crumble.

I took one small apple and diced it, tossing it with a bit of brown sugar, then mixed, separately, 25g oats, 1tsp peanut butter, a squeeze of maple syrup and some apple puree. I pressed this on to the apple, then topped it with some dessicated coconut and a sprinkle of demerera sugar…

… and baked at 180C for just over 15 minutes.

It looked (almost) perfect. But in my book, no apple crumble is complete without custard…

So I took about 4tbsp coconut milk, heated it in the microwave with a pinch of brown sugar and one of xanthan gum (an attempt to thicken it but don’t think it worked!)

Wow. Pudding for breakfast – with a vengeance! This was so filling, and delicious 🙂

But the best thing, the very best thing about it was, before I started making it, I realised I didn’t have a small enough baking dish for a single serving of crumble and only one ramekin (randomly – where did that come from?!)

Then I noticed my favourite Denby bowls are, according to the writing on the bottom, safe for oven use… how good is that! The whole thing made and eaten in one bowl which means not only a healthy, tasty breakfast – but hardly any washing-up 🙂

Job done.

Are you generally organised? Have you got Christmas sorted yet? (I forgot to go and get a tree today, but you can’t have everything!)

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10 Responses to Smugness

  1. Hooray for gettinf stuff ready!
    I have sent my cards, put up the tree, finished all the baking and wrapped most of the presents so I am feeling pretty sorted now 🙂

    • You’ve done better than me! I did mean to get a tree – and lights – a job for this week (hopefully). I love having the lights on at night and the smell of it 🙂
      It’s weird though; I’m so used to only getting organised at the last minute it feels like Christmas should be any day now!

  2. Little Bookworm says:

    Congrats on almost finishing Christmas present shopping and cards. 🙂 That Apple Crumble breakfast sounds amazing – yum!

  3. Yay that you have everything done (almost). My husband and I usually procrastinate too, but we now have gotten pretty much all of our Christmas shopping done (except for one last gift). Now we just have to get around to wrapping them . . . 🙂

    • Isn’t it great to be organised when you’re not usually?! And I feel your pain; I’ve had a few years when I’ve left the wrapping till late Christmas Eve/very early Christmas morning, when I’m a bit, er, tired… not good!

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