Adaptation, evolution, bananas and butternut

According to Wikipedia, adaptation is “the evolutionary process whereby a population becomes better suited to its habitat”.

And, as a member of a species that likes to consider itself fairly high on the evolutionary scale, I like adaptation. A lot 🙂

Take yesterday’s banana pancakes. They were so good, I had them again today. But this time, instead of pouring the batter into a frying pan, I baked it:

Ok, this might have looked slightly better had I not dropped my camera. Into the pancake. Not a good plan 🙂

I duly panicked, fished out the camera and cleaned it up and it was fine, as was the pancake/weird blob thing. I can’t believe how much it puffed up in the oven, bearing in mind it was only made from banana and egg white! It was really light and fluffy, perfect with another adapted creation:

I hadn’t made my wraps for ages because, although they’re handy and taste good, they’re a real pain to make, with the stickiest dough ever. But then I saw that Alisa had made something very similar, but adding a bit of oil…

I tried making two, with a bit of coconut oil, and it was so much easier! I never add oil to bread products because they always taste great without and no different with but a little bit makes all the difference to the handling.

Ok, so the picture looks vile. But spread with peanut butter and topped with the banana “thing” (and a cheeky spoonful of strawberry jam) this was an amazing breakfast!

And as far as adapting things goes, and in relation to the butternut part of this post title… I also made these:

But I won’t go on any more – all will be revealed tomorrow 😉

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3 Responses to Adaptation, evolution, bananas and butternut

  1. movesnmunchies says:

    please share these recipes!! i can’t wait to try them!

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