Attaining new heights

The title of this post could refer to two things; the snow outside – or the number of layers I’m wearing to cope with it!

Yep, having escaped the worst last week, the evil stuff came down with a vengeance last night 😦

This is what my road looked like at 7am

Don’t cha just love having to dig the car out?!

It was an interesting drive to the yard, I’ll give it that…

And at least someone appreciated the conditions

But, as I said the other day, every cloud – and there was no way I was getting to work today! but then again, a day at home isn’t that great when you can’t do much 😦

 I got loads of work done but, by 3.30pm, was going stir-crazy sitting down so I decided to walk up to the yard. It’s two miles and actually was really nice, in a weird way.

But then again, I was wearing, get ready, tights, cycling shorts, over-the-knee socks, jodhpurs, long boots, more socks AND jeans! Plus two fleeces, a hideous but toasty warm hand-knitted jumper, scarf, hat and my ski jacket and gloves 🙂

It was hard work on the untouched stuff but I felt much better for it.

I also had time today to make some more banana bread and thought I’d experiment with this:

It seems to promise it’s the best thing since, er, GF sliced bread! But I used it exactly as directed and…. was disappointed. The bread turned out fine, but there was no difference from before:

Not worth it, in my opinion. For baking, the best-ever general purpose GF flour I’ve found in the last three and a bit years is definitely the Doves Farm brown bread blend, which is what I’ll stick to in future for bread… and with time on my hands this evening (and probably tomorrow) I might have to go and use a bit more of it!

Has anyone else had a snow day?

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3 Responses to Attaining new heights

  1. We’ve had loads of snow here in the North East, I’ve been working from home since Monday and I have cabin fever bad 🙂

    • I can imagine; I saw your pictures and I know we’ve got off lightly (so far) compared to a lot of places…
      What a nightmare; you just think about all you could be doing but can’t. Hope it gets better there and here as quickly as possible!

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