What a weekend! It was a friend”s birthday so we all went to the Hennessy Gold Cup meeting at Newbury racecourse. It was a brilliant (although freezing) day and I only got back this afternoon, as we all stayed in a hotel up there (it’s about 2.5 hours’ drive).

I didn’t take my camera so I won’t go on any more! But enough to say that the celebrating” started at 11am Saturday – and didn’t finish till about 1.30am on Sunday 🙂 Despite that, and the fact I woke up at 7.45am, I actually felt really awake and with it all day (weird!)

The only bad bit was the food. I’d taken sandwiches but was starving by dinner time. All that was suitable for me on the menu was a bouillabasse. I usually love fish and it sounded great but was actually nasty, small AND overpriced. Not impressed.

But that meant I was more than ready for a good dinner tonight…

A courgette slice, from this great recipe.

I only used about 100g chick peas, as I didn’t have many, and reduced all the proportions. I also added spinach, left out the chia seeds and used ricotta in the slice instead of grated cheese – but it was delicious.

Highly recommended, served along with the usual suspects…!

I think warming meals are the way forward at the moment… no snow as yet but we’re apparently in for “Siberian” winds and some serious snowfall from about 6am tomorrow 😦

How’s the snow situation where you are? Keep warm…!

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1 Response to Phew

  1. movesnmunchies says:

    yum! i have some courgette in my fridge that i could use!

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