Let it (not) snow, let it (not) snow, let it (not) snow…

It. Is. So. Cold. Brrrrrrrrr……. I am NOT a winter person! Yes, I can appreciate the beauty of a frosty morning and I do like Christmas. But snow, darkness, icy rain and general freezingness – you can keep ’em. When I got into my car, at about 4.45pm today, the windscreen had already begun to freeze… and there’s snow forecast for this weekend. Hooray.

So, moving on from my moan… (although I read in the paper the other day that the average adult spends nearly nine minutes a day moaning so I’m still in credit!) the reason I was earlier back than usual today is that I had to go to London which meant, among other things, another trip to Whole Foods! This time, it was the Soho/Covent Garden one, which is much smaller than the Kensington branch but I still came away with a few goodies…

Only in honour of the American holiday, of course!

And these:

Looking forward to trying the pumpkin seed butter, naturally-sweetened mango and pineapple jam and pomegranate syrup…!

And this, which Iwas most pleased to find:

I’ve seen it advertised and apparently, it does exactly what it says on the packet 🙂 so I’ll be trying it very soon… updates to follow.

I’ll definitely try to make something with pumpkin in it for tomorrow but for tonight, I had a lovely dinner left from one I made yesterday: this cauliflower/broccoli cheese bake. As far as I’m concerned, broccoli is one of the foods of the gods! And for some reason, I really fancied cauliflower cheese  last week… so I chopped some of both vegetables, mixed up a ricotta base and sprinkled it with a bit more cheese…

Baked it at 180C for 10-15 minutes and….

Wow. So good and you don’t have to faff about with white sauce! I just cut up about 100g cauliflower and some broccoli into small florets, put them in a pan of boiling water for about a minute (I didn’t do this the first time I made it but it really reduces cooking time) and put them in a lined roasting pan. I also added some chopped mushrooms and would have added spinach if I’d had some.

Meanwhile, put 100g ricotta in a non-stick pan over a gentle heat and splash in some milk. whisk gently till combined, pour over the veg, sprinkle over more cheese and stick in the oven….

I had mine with, surprise surprise, garlic-roasted butternut cubes and a pile of steamed vegetables (which may or may not have included more broccoli!) Delicious. Definitely a new favourite.

I’m off to think of how best to use my pumpkin but hope everyone in America has a very happy Thanksgiving tomorrow 🙂

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10 Responses to Let it (not) snow, let it (not) snow, let it (not) snow…

  1. I LOVE the St Dalfour jams – they are delicious! I was only asking on Twitter earlier about which Whole Foods to go to. I’ve only been to the Camden branch and was recommended the Kensington store instead when I visit London Town in a couple of weeks 🙂

    I’m hooked on Libby’s pumpkin!

  2. They’re so good! I’ve got strawberry in the fridge and a black cherry one in the cupboard that I haven’t tried yet; I can see a new addiction forming 🙂
    I’d definitely recommend the Kensington one more; it’s HUGE and has a much bigger selection than the Soho one… just beware the chocolate counter just as you go downstairs! But there’s one section with massive jars of nuts on machines – you turn them on and can grind your own nut butter! (plus lots of pumpkin)
    It is pricey though; I’m quite glad there’s not one nearer or I’d be bankrupt 🙂

  3. I love the Kensington Whole Foods store. I only wish that they would open more stores. London is an hour on the train from where I live.

  4. I love those jams too- used to sell them in the bakery where I worked when I was at uni but I think Sainsburys do them? (Might be cheaper than wholefoods for things like that?). I am hoping it does not snow either. But if it does, Saturday night will be fine, as long as it is gone by monday morning for the drive to work haha!

  5. movesnmunchies says:

    yes i love libbys! i tried pumpkin butter- wasnt my favorite- i stay true to my nut butters!

  6. They do do them in Sainsbury’s but I’ve only seen strawberry, raspberry and apricot whereas they had fig, pineapple and all sorts in Whole Foods! Not that much price difference either, surprisingly…
    Wow, working in a bakery; I wouldn’t mind Monday mornings nearly as much if I could smell bread baking when I got to work 🙂
    I’m supposed to be going to the Hennessy on Saturday for a friend’s birthday so if it could hold off till after that it’d be great (or nor coming at all would be better!)

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  9. Caleb says:

    I would love to try that recipe!!!

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