Feeling fruity…

 You know how sometimes you get on a roll of making something, get obsessed and try it every which way?!

Hee hee, forgive the deja vu 🙂
It may all have been about pancakes last week but this week it’s been:

I was reading a book called Superfoods the other day. Feeling smug because most of the ones the author mentioned – broccoli, oats, spinach, pumpkin/squash etc – I eat most days, I then realised I never eat one of his top foods, blueberries, at all.

Although I don’t necessarily buy into the whole “superfoods” concept – I think all fruit and veg are good for you – it’s definitely true that all berries have great health benefits and are delicious. Then I saw Sainsbury’s was offering any three bags of frozen berries for £5 – woop!

I first used them to make a version of these strawberry protein cake bars – and haven’t stopped since 🙂

I knew mine wouldn’t be much like the original as I didn’t have protein powder and didn’t substitute anything (!) but the resulting chewy/berryish nuggets were delicious. And perfect for layering:

With probiotic vanilla yoghurt and a sprinkle of granola

Topped with melted banana and almond butter – and more granola. I wasn’t sure all those flavours would go together but it was delicious. I then did more layering, trying the pureed fruit instead:

Very nice. Then I got a bit more, er, experimental. The pancake attempt looked amazing in the pan….

But less so, afterwards!

I still layered it up though and, for a weird blob, it wasn’t actually too bad, believe it or not 🙂

The same goes for another less than successful attempt at a berry/rice puff granola… oops!

Last up was a better effort though; a version of my baked oats/bran, using pureed berries instead of the pumpkin or applesauce.

Perfect, with banana and coconut butter… I also love just eating the fruit, thawed slightly then blended – it’s as good as a sorbet and the ultimate bargain of the berries is that, because they’re frozen there will be so much more of this to come 🙂

Happy Friday!

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3 Responses to Feeling fruity…

  1. hey! thanks for coming by and commenting on my blog!

    i got your comment and no, i’m not out in AZ but in the mojave in southern california. are you in Az? i’ve been there a few times, but haven’t seen much other than phoenix!

    • No, I’m in England! I went to Arizona on a road trip holiday a few years ago… we spent one night in Phoenix and one in a town that looked, from your photos, like where you live. Just wondered because it was gorgeous and I can’t remember what it was called!
      I just loved the pictures of your breakfast with desert/cacti in the background – very different from the wet grass and leaves here 🙂

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