A loooong day!

Yesterday, that is…

What a mission! I’m editing this week so Tuesday (copy deadline) was always going to be busy but, on top of that joy, I had to go to a district council planning meeting last night. Starting at 7pm, it was to discuss and make a decision on a very controversial proposed development.

It finished at just before 10pm and I live about 40 minutes’ drive away. And, because the story is so big locally, we’d saved the front page for it so I had to start writing it when I got back – a late night 😦 Followed by an early morning as the paper goes to press on Wednesdays at 9.45am and the story had to be sent, checked, double-checked… knackered!

Luckily, I knew it was going to be a long day and had fuelled up appropriately with a HUGE bowl of porridge. Thank you so much to Laura, who suggested adding egg white to the oats/oat bran while it was cooking; not only more lovely protein but the texture was great; thick and fluffy *drools at the memory*

And, when I got home at about 10.40pm, I had this waiting in the fridge:

A broccoli bake, made with ricotta, milk and more grated cheese. This was the other half, which I had tonight with roasted butternut and more veg… how good?! One for the future…

So all good in the end but going to bed now…! 🙂

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2 Responses to A loooong day!

  1. Boy, that sounds tiring! I don’t know how you do it!
    The broccoli bake looks yummo, I’m a sucker for broccoli. Hope you’re enjoying a well deserved rest!

  2. It was a bit of a mission – glad it’s Friday! But I don’t have to do these too often; the worst meeting was on a proposed local (small) airport expansion. It started at 7pm and finished at 2am, after a day’s work! Not good and they hadn’t even provided tea or coffee… 😦
    Thank you, it was delicious and so easy – I’ll put the recipe up next time and I’m with you; broccoli is the way forward! x

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