Attack of the mutant killer vegetables

(Second post of the day! But I didn’t think it right just to mention Remembrance Sunday in a random post… and I wanted to share some mental pictures)

And ok, as a journalist, I should probably know better than to use such a slightly completely inaccurate statement as a post title…!

But there is some relevance. Remember this?

I didn’t think anything could beat this beast among butternuts but look what I found the other day…

I don’t know how my dad does it! I’m just glad I was in the car when I got that rather than on my bike… I’m also glad I live in such a tiny village, there was no one to see me manhandling it from the car to my house – it weighs a ton! But I’m not complaining… lots of lovely butternutty food to come 🙂

And check this out:


This is the third red cabbage I’ve had in the last couple of months, also from my dad’s garden, and I was on my bike when I got this which isn’t funny – it’s literally like cycling along with a bowling ball on your handlebars! Worth it though – the other two lasted about four weeks each and I was eating red cabbage every night 🙂

That picture was taken on Wednesday – I’ll let you know when it’s finished…

So the first butternut dish was… hash browns! (Kind of…)

I grated the squash and mixed it with some finely-chopped red onion, 1 tbsp egg white and a good shake of garlic powder and sauted dollops of it over a medium heat for a couple of minutes each side.

To go with the “hash browns”, I had… pizza! (Kind of)

Ok, strictly speaking that’s not quite a pizza…

But I thought a portobello mushroom was in keeping with the other giant veg so I spread it with tomato puree, topped it with a cut-up turkey “bacon” rasher and some mozzarella and grilled it on medium for 15-ish minutes.

Much more pizza-like! And so tasty, with the hash browns and LOTS of other veg. (Is it greedy to have so many vegetables they’re in danger of falling off the plate?! In my defence, I went food shopping today and there were some brilliant deals on; half-price leeks and asparagus and extra beans free *drool* ) 

Loving the giant vegetables… the normal-sized ones are great too but I don’t think any squash will beat this…!

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