I’ve got a lov-erly bunch of coconut (pancakes)

You know how sometimes you get on a roll of making something, get obsessed and try it every which way?!

That’s how I’ve been with pancakes/crepes/wraps this last week.

It all started with this:

I use loads of eggs but free range ones are expensive. I’d never buy any others (have you ever been inside a hen battery? Not nice 😦 ) But it means if I ever have to throw a yolk or white away, if I can only use one or the other, I hate it. Not only because of the waste of money but I hate wasting food. So these are a winner! They’re £2.89 for a carton, which seems pricey but it’s the equivalent of about 10 whole medium eggs so it’s actually about the same price 🙂

I’ve used them in:

More of an omelette than a pancake! I sprinkled cheese in while it was in the pan so it went all melty – and sealed perfectly to take for lunch!


Used for sandwiches, Philadelphia and thin ham added when cold… (they keep you full for much longer than sandwiches do too)

And these:

Ok, a less-than-inspiring photo of them when they were made 🙂

But in the morning…

I’d never really got the idea of pancakes for breakfast. But I really do now! I had them with mashed banana, melted with coconut butter, and granola. The smooth/crunchy blend, with the coconut/banana taste, was amazing!

Then, to round off a pancake-y week, this morning I returned to an old and long-neglected favourite:

Just egg whites and flax seed, filled with the same as yesterday…

… only this time, I melted a few dark chocolate chips with the banana and coconut butter… wooooowwwwwww! What a way to start the day! 🙂

How to make them:

Omelette/sandwich: 3-4tbsp egg whites with 1tbsp oat bran, cooked over a medium heat. Put the filling in while in the pan and fold over

Crepes (makes four): 25g flour (I used GF brown blend) 1tbsp egg white, 5tbsp milk/water, cooked for about 30 seconds each side on a slightly higher heat

Flax crepes: 2tbsp egg whites, 2 tsp ground flax seed, cooked for 30 seconds-one minute each side over a medium/high heat.

Try pancakes with granola too – it’s a winner! This version of my basic recipe was made using coconut instead of almond butter (and agave instead of maple syrup) and it’s great; you can really taste the coconut.

What’s your favourite pancake filling?

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8 Responses to I’ve got a lov-erly bunch of coconut (pancakes)

  1. peony says:

    oo oo where did u manage to find the egg white carton?

    my filling of choice would have to beee errm…pear and apple spread (u get from holland and barret) and ginger jam..together 🙂 mmm but on hot bread or somthing so it melts xx

  2. I got it in Sainsbury’s and apparently it’s in Tesco too… this link (below) says other places where you can get it.
    Mmm, I’ve tried the blueberry version of that but not pear and apple and ginger jam sounds amazing!


  3. I love the two chicks egg whites – I’m going to be doing a giveaway on my blog soon giving away some vouchers for free cartons to stay tuned! Have you tried adding the egg whites to porridge? It tastes great and makes the porridge extra creamy 🙂

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