Nice to meat you

A while ago, one of my colleagues announced he was going to try “going vegetarian” for a bit. Normally, he’s a fully paid-up, card-carrying member of the carnivores’ club so I asked why and he said, in true journalistic fashion, he just wanted to “find out what it was like”.

In the end, I think he only did a couple of weeks; long enough, he said, for him to realise how “limited” his options were…!

It’s weird because I’m not vegetarian but often, and without meaning to, I go without anything non-vegetarian for days. I’ve never eaten that much meat, although I love fish, and I almost always order the vegetarian option if I’m out for dinner because it’s often the most interesting and the tastiest!

This week, for instance, I think all my dinners have been meat- and fish-free. There was Monday’s (and Tuesday’s lentil loaf mess)

Made this time with mushrooms instead of sweetcorn and puree instead of chopped tomatoes but just as nice…

Today’s (and tomorrow’s!) cauliflower risotto

And Sunday’s mushroom/chick pea burgers:

Little Bookworm mentioned the other day that she’d found some mushroom burgers. Intrigued, I asked her which ones and whether or not they were gluten-free. Sadly, the Cauldron ones she mentioned weren’t. 😦 

But I’ve got used to making my own if I can’t eat something, and I had some chick peas begging to be used so….

135g chick peas

50g mushrooms, chopped

1tbsp liquid egg white

1tbsp flour (I used Doves Farm brown bread blend)

chopped onion

30g mozzarella, chopped

I blended everything together (flour last) then formed it into three burgers, which I baked at 180C for 15 minutes. I turned them over and baked for another 10.

With hindsight, I think next time I’d season more, with garlic, and leave the cheese out of the burgers and melt it on top instead…. but they were still delicious, served with garlic-roasted butternut chunks and a veg mountain:

Yum. Who needs meat?!

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11 Responses to Nice to meat you

  1. Maria says:

    I’m quite similar, i’m not a veggie but actually often choose veggie options – they’re just so damn tasty !! 🙂 I’ve never made chickpea burgers, they look yummy though, may have to try it. xxx

  2. Little Bookworm says:

    Your mushroom/chickpea burgers sound great! 😀

  3. Thank you! I really liked them although I think I’ll definitely try with the cheese on top next time…

  4. I’ve recently become vegetarian – I tended to prefer meat free meals naturally anyway so its been incredibly easy! I love my bean burgers, your chickpea mushroom burgers sound tasty!

    • Thank you! I think they’d work just as well with beans instead of chick peas; that’ll be my next trick…
      That’s really interesting; is there anything you used to eat that you miss now?

  5. Agreed!! Who needs meat?!

    I’ve been a vegetarian for two years, and I definitely have never felt limited – aside from the few restaurant experiences where there wasn’t a good option. Now my husband has accidentally become mostly vegetarian. I just stopped cooking meat and he’s realized how great veggie meals can be.

    Three cheers for no meat!

    • Hooray!
      I love the “accidentally becoming vegetarian” bit 🙂
      It’s true though, I wrote a post the other day about how I’d had about three completely vegan dinners in a row without really realising it and they were all so tasty, filling and healthy. I bet if I’d served them to dedicated meat-eaters, they’d have loved them!
      It’s like people think I’m limited as a coeliac but there are just so many options, for every diet 🙂

  6. i was a lacto-ovo vegetarian for 5 years, now i’m a pescetarian who doesn’t eat cheese. (go figure.) what i find limiting at restaurants is that the vegetarian option always has cheese. i guess that suits most people, but not someone like me who’s so high maintenance. 😛

    • I’ve thought that before; either cheese or pastry so if you don’t like or don’t eat cheese (or are coeliac) you’ve got no option at all! It’s a limited way of looking at it really; an “if you’re vegetarian you must automatically like cheese” attitude 🙂
      Does a pescetarian mean you eat fish? I could definitely do that; if I don’t go for the vegtarian option it’s always the fish!

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