A happy accident

Don’t you sometimes love it when a plan doesn’t quite come together?!

Not usually, no. But today… yes. But before I explain, congratulations to Heather and her husband CD on the birth of the beautiful Summer Juliet! And if you know Heather (she who Eats Almond Butter, click here)

But back to the plan. I wanted to make some more courgette pittas today for this week’s lunches. I got everything together, substituting my newly-discovered Doves Farm brown bread flour for the rice and buckwheat – and then realised I didn’t have enough courgette.

I grated what I had and then, looking in the fridge, decided to use aubergine. I had about 2/3 of one, which I steamed in the microwave, and added some canned pumpkin to make up the weight. I put the lot in the blender and then thought, as the dough’s so sticky, I’d mix it all in there rather than kneading it and… it seemed to work better! It looked really well-mixed and seemed to rise more. BUT, when I went to shape it, the dough was so sticky, I couldn’t even begin 😦

Not wanting to waste it and as I was losing the will to live, I just put it all in a loaf pan, put it in the oven at 180C and left it for an hour-ish…

Success! It came out really nice; crusty and with a great flavour; I think I like it better than the pittas 🙂 Shame about the weird greenish tint but I won’t be colourist…

So the recipe I used was: 6oz Doves Farm brown bread flour blend, 2oz cornflour, 2oz ground arrowroot, 1tsp yeast, 2tsp xanthan gum and a pinch of salt, sieved together over about 3oz finely-grated courgette, about 3-4 oz aubergine, steamed and peeled and about 1-2oz canned pumpkin. I then added an egg, 1tsp agave, 3tbsp milk and 80ml water and left it to blend for a few minutes. I scraped it into a bowl, left it for an hour (covered) to rise and then baked it in a lined loaf tin at 180C for about an hour.

Hooray for mistakes! Have you ever had culinary accidents which have worked out better than the original?

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4 Responses to A happy accident

  1. Haha I made a yummy dessert pizza in a bowl once, because it crumbled apart. But it was delicious.
    Happy Sunday, pretty lady :).

  2. Thank you! You too x
    And thank you for the reminder; that sounds yummy and I’ve been meaning to make your breakfast pizzert for ages 🙂

  3. I think your green bread sounds delicious. I’ve had several kitchen accidents that turned out to be successes…and several that never made it beyond accident status. Hehe.

    Thanks so much for your congrats. Summer and CD thank you as well. 🙂

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