Food, glorious food!

It’s only Wednesday but the week’s food has already been so good!

Apart from the chocolate/peanut butter cake as well 🙂

Monday’s breakfast was my butternut/polenta “cornbread“, topped with a version of Chelsey’s apple caramel sauce. I used 2tbsp apple puree and microwaved it with a splash of vanilla and 1tsp each of almond butter, milk and maple syrup – very, very nice; like eating a bowl of caramel…

Yesterday morning, I had porridge but baked….

I mixed my normal amount of oats and water and put them in the oven (the night before; I don’t get up that early!) at 185C for about half an hour. I topped it with my favourite microwaved banana/almond butter combination AND some home-made granola, for breakfast bliss…

For dinner last night, I fancied aubergine… so I sliced one and put it in a baking dish. I then chucked some tinned tomato, mushrooms and turkey “bacon” rashers on top, followed by more aubergine slices, a bit more tomato and some finely-chopped mozzarella and baked away. With some garlic-roasted butternut and a veg mountain, this was delicious.

Then, today, I had a weird craving for French toast, which I’ve never actually had 🙂

What my family called French toast when we were little was these horrible crunchy biscuits shaped like slices of bread – I don’t recommend them! Instead, I split one of my pitta breads, soaked it in an eggwhite and about 1tbsp milk, sauted on each side and smothered in the usual… how have I lived without this for so long?!

(It might be shaped slightly and disturbingly like an ear but I can assure any sensitive readers that it didn’t taste like one 😉 )

Yum, yum yum!

I think I might have to start mentioning a meal of the week! The only problem is, there are far too many to choose from… what would yours be?

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3 Responses to Food, glorious food!

  1. Very tasty eats! I would have problems choosing just one meal of the week for sure 🙂

  2. Thank you! Now I come to think about it, I might struggle to decide – so much good food, so little time 🙂

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