A promise…

 Well I didn’t drown, or freeze to death when I got dunked today, which is always a good thing!

(Most of) it wasn’t actually too bad at all but I’m not going to post about it till tomorrow because I need the pictures to describe it properly… 🙂

Instead, I’ll mention where I went yesterday… Whole Foods! I had to go to central London so I thought it would be rude not to wander over to High Street Kensington to check it out…

The first thing I saw, apart from a HUGE stack of pumpkins, was a vast array of gluten-free bread; millet, rice, buckwheat… I almost bought some but it was pricey and I can make my own more cheaply but I was so impressed with the range.

And that was the case throughout… although I thought it was a cunning plan to put the mind-boggling selection of chocolate right opposite the stairs you go down – I was transfixed and didn’t move for a good 10 minutes 🙂 I had to try this banana split bar…

(Plus one with raspberries in it. And some chocolate-covered apricots.  And…:-) )

I also snapped this up, having bravely overcome my aversion to peanut butter when there’s chocolate added!)

I was quick to grab a couple of these too…

I’ve read about pumpkin so much on so many blogs, I thought I had to try it! Now I just  need to decide how I’m going to use it…

Last but not least, this:

I’m not usually a big fan of popcorn but something about this made me buy it straight away and it was so good! The flavour was brilliant, definitely a winner. The reason this is a picture of an empty bag is, of course, because someone stole it once I’d opened it. Not because I scoffed the lot on the train back of course 🙂

It’s a shame the Whole Foods isn’t any nearer because this popcorn is definitely the way to go (and the Diva website is brilliant!) but it looks like it’s quite a new company so hopefully it’ll expand. Soon 🙂

So, I promise to provide a dunking update in the very near future. In the meantime, I need to think of what to do with my pumpkin; any ideas? What’s the best thing possible to make with it?!

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4 Responses to A promise…

  1. Oh I love wholefoods! That dark chocolate dreams is heaven but I can’t trust myself with a jar in the house!

    As for the pumpkin try mixing it with cinnamon and ground ginger / mixed spice and a little agave then adding to porridge, smoothies, yoghurt etc. You can also make a curry or stew with it 🙂

    • I know; I was so impressed…. wish there was one nearer, although it’s probably better there’s not – I’d spend a fortune!
      That sounds lovely… definitely up for trying it in the porridge, thank you 🙂

  2. Maria says:

    Can’t say i’ve ever been to whole foods, but i’m very tempted. I’d go to the one in covent Garden, have you been? If so, is it good? xxx ps. Looks like some pretty winning food choice you got there haha

  3. I didn’t know there was one in Covent Garden… I go to London the Charing Cross route so that would be much handier than High Street Kensington, which was the one I went to here. I’ve got to go again in a couple of weeks so I’ll let you know!
    I’ll definitely re-stock on the pumkin too. And the popcorn. And the chocolate peanut butter… 🙂

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