Happy birthday Mum!

 And what a beautiful birthday it was…

(Except the rain which poured down just as I was cycling back from the yard, grrr!)

Before I get on to the rest of the day, I want to mention how weird it is that people seem to think along the same lines… On Saturday, I’d been making some butternut squash/cornbread (type stuff) with varying degrees of success…

Then I saw Heather’s post on the same day about polenta “haystacks” made with pumpkin. As luck would have it, I had one of these in the cupboard, waiting expectantly for a purpose in life…

I slow-roasted it and cooked the polenta, then, yesterday, got on with making the cakes. I’d had some problems because the polenta I used, it turns out, was the “quick-cook” stuff – oops! But a bit more water sorted that. I also chucked in half a banana that was going spare, pureed it all up with my hand blender and cooked as directed. I made flatter cakes and smothered them in a mixture of banana and almond butter for breakfast today… delicious, thanks Heather!

So that set me up for a busy day (I’m off work all week but it’s weird how you end up doing more when you’re off!) getting my hair cut, doing the horses, babysitting my beautiful goddaughter… and taking my lovely mum to the cinema to see Eat Pray Love.

I’m not a huge film fan but it was good; I’ll definitely read the book and she enjoyed it and loved the presents.

She also seemed to like this…

The guilt-free, light-as-air (almost!) apple cake also found favour 🙂

I did as planned and blobbed drizzled some heated apricot jam over the top, which is definitely a good idea.

Happy birthday mum and happy Wednesday to everyone tomorrow (mine will definitely be happier than usual as I’ll be asleep till at least 8am, rather than getting up at silly o’clock to see the paper off to print, as is more usual on a deadline morning!)

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6 Responses to Happy birthday Mum!

  1. Happy Birthday to your mum, and your polenta pumpkin banana cakes look and sound delicious…as does that apple cake. Off to check out the recipe! Enjoy your time off from work. 🙂

  2. kat says:

    Happy bday to your mommy!! A mini loaf pan is the smallest one you can find. You can find them at any supermarket. They are about half the size of the 9X5 pans

  3. Yummy looking eats!!!

    Jonesing means to want something real bad … you must have heard of “keeping up with the Jones’s?” so to Jones for something is to really want it 🙂

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