A mystery solved

Well after last week’s nasty stomach pains, it was good to have a good chilled weekend, catching up sleep and enjoying the beautiful autumn weather (maybe last week’s letter did have some effect!)

But the pains did worry me because they felt so similar to those I had before my coeliac diagnosis… so I was made happier today. One of the boys at work was showing me some new “extra-crunchy” salt and vinegar crisps he had and, out of habit, I looked to see if I could eat them. I couldn’t because of barley malt extract in the flavouring, as is often the case with salt and vinegar (but not always).

Then, when we went out at lunchtime, I went to Boots. For the last week or two, I’ve been enjoying their Shapers snacks. Their Shapers salt and vinegar snacks (Can you guess where this is going?!) This was a real shock as I’m so careful but I looked at the packet and there it was, in black and white “contains wheat and gluten”.

What an idiot but what a relief! I’d really thought something might be wrong so I headed happily back through the gorgeous sunshine to the office for the rest of my (gluten-free) lunch. And it was lovely.

After some more courgette bread experiments, I remembered some of Naomi’s sweet potato pitta breads I went through a phase of making in the spring. They’re delicious but as I didn’t have sweet potato, but did have an abundance of courgette, I thought it worth a go…

I made so many changes, I’ve posted the recipe here. They’re delicious and the smell of baking pittas in the house… 🙂

8oz very finely grated courgette

3oz rice flour

3oz buckwheat flour

2oz cornflour

2oz ground arrowroot

2tsp xanthan gum

1tsp agave/honey

1tsp salt

1tsp yeast

1 egg

3tbsp milk

Sieve the dry ingredients together over the courgette, then add the wet ingredients. Add 80-100ml warm water, enough to get a really sticky (we’re talking scrape-it-off-your-hands-with-a-knife sticky!) dough. Squidge it together really well by hand, form in a bowl and leave, covered, for an hour.

Split the dough into balls (I made 9) and flatten into pitta-ish shapes on a well-floured work surface. I tried a floured rolling pin but it kept sticking. I found it easiest to just keep flattening them outwards with my hands, turning them often so they didn’t stick to the surface. Put them on two lined baking sheets, cover and leave for an hour. When that’s nearly up, preheat oven to 200C.

Just before you put them in, sprinkle water over the pittas and trays to help them rise, then bake for about 8 minutes. I then turned them over and left them in for another few minutes – you just have to keep watching at this point and wait till they look ready! But if you’re sad like me, it’s great to watch through the oven door because they puff up as you watch them 🙂

They’re so good. I used to love “normal” pittas, boiling hot from the toaster and spread with cream cheese and the gluten-free ones you can get are very expensive and taste of cardboard! These are fiddly to make but well worth it, in my opinion, although maybe today’s tasted better because of the relief that went with it 🙂

Happy Monday!

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