Going against the grain

 I was so glad to get to Friday yesterday.

Not that I don’t like my job; I love it, but I was absolutely knackered because I haven’t been sleeping well. Mainly because I’ve been woken up/kept awake every night with bad stomach pains 😦

My first, horrible thought was, maybe it was something to do with eating oats. It shouldn’t be, as I buy certified gluten-free ones and added them slowly to my diet and, as I’ve eaten oats and/or oat bran just about every day for the last couple of months, it should be ok…! But, to be on the safe side, I thought I’d cut them out for a few days, which left a porridge dilemma…

So I experimented with some other grains. First up – quinoa

 1/4 cup grain, 1/2 cup water, with mashed/melted banana and coconut milk.

Next came buckwheat

Same quantities as above, with vanilla yoghurt, cocoa powder and banana.

Next up was polenta

40g polenta, 15g rice bran with about 1 cup water, with cocoa, banana and hazelnut butter

And, last but not least, millet.

1/3 cup millet flakes, 1 cup water, with banana and cashew butter

The quinoa was definitely the winner. It’s unique among grains in that in contains “complete” protein, or all the essential amino acids, but I’ve never much liked its texture (could be something to do with the fact it looks to me like frogspawn 🙂 )

So, taking a tip from Katie, I wielded my trust hand blender on the cooked grain. It may not score highly on looks but it was lovely; creamy and good and so filling – I didn’t even think about food for hours!

The buckwheat was my least favourite. I used whole grains and the blender again but… not nice. To be fair, I don’t think the yoghurt was the best thing to add so I’d leave that out again – and buckwheat flakes would probably give a better result. But it was filling.

I’ve had polenta before and liked it but the chocolate flavour was good. The texture wasn’t as creamy as the last time I made it but that may well have been because I cooked it for too long; resulting in more of a cake than a porridge 🙂 Filling, too.

I found millet flakes in a health food shop and cooked them as I would oats, except I left them in 2/3 cup water overnight and added the extra 1/3 water in the morning to cook. This gave a really smooth texture and the flavourwas great too.

The only bad thing is, I don’t think the stomach aches have changed 😦

But the silver lining of that cloud is – it’s probably not the oats! Woop – I liked all these porridges and will make them again but, as Sinead O’Connor said (although probably not to oats) Nothing Compares…

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