Having my cake – and eating it

Well, it didn’t look like yesterday’s letter had had much effect when I woke up this morning, surprisingly 🙂

But, when you’ve got this waiting for you in the fridge, getting up, even when it’s dark and raining, isn’t quite as bad…


And it was lucky that it was waiting for me as it was the best bit about the morning. Looking out of the window, I made the executive decision to drive instead of cycle up to the yard. My car, however, had other ideas and was completely dead.

It’s its new hilarious trick; if it hasn’t been driven for a day or two, the battery dies. So I went into the post office, next door, and asked for the friendly postman who’s helped me before but he was out delivering papers, which meant a wet ride up to do the horses… 😦

Once I got back though, he worked his magic (got the jump leads out) and I could drop the car off at a garage near work for a new battery. The mechanic called me later to say they’d changed it but, as they parked it up again, the cable to the gear box had snapped! Had I not taken it in, that would have happened probably just as I was on the motorway on the way back – eek! So, in the end, the car dying was not such a bad thing…

But anyway, back to this…


It may not look like anyone’s idea of breakfast but that is a “giant baked upside-down pancake”, created by the lovely Ricki at Diet, Dessert and Dogs.

I’d bookmarked it ages ago and meant to try it but completely forgot until this weekend… but it was well worth the wait. I used skimmed dairy milk instead of soya, a mix of almond, hazelnut and Brazil nut butter as I didn’t have cashew and left out the cinnamon… so nice and it’s so healthy – not only containing protein, healthy fat, fibre and fruit, it’s also gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, vegan (with the soya milk) AND ACD-friendly!

If when I make this again, I think I’ll try a tsp of lemon juice with the apples and reduce the cooking time a bit (think it was my mistake it overbaked slightly!) but it was amazing. It’s be perfect for pudding as well, with custard or some heated, thinned apricot jam drizzled over the top – or both! I may have had a sneaky piece for pudding last night. And tonight. 🙂


Diet, Dessert and Dogs was the first blog of its type I came across. It’s brilliant; funny and with such a huge range of amazing recipes. So thank you Ricki and not just for the cake!

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